This is Regent Modrevius of the PECAN alliance. I am seeking applicants from states of all four templates. American and German states will be expected to pay into the fund first, though they will also benefit in the long term. DDR states are welcome to apply but how much I am able to relieve your debt will depend on how many wealthier states are there to support you. Please govern conservatively. If you absolutely require instant debt relief you are better off with another alliance.
Talk to me about how I can serve your needs. I control three states: Lurinza, Nova Sarmatia, and Sherry Gong. Lurinza has been 9th in the American rankings, though it is now more focused on economic development and helping the other two states. It is governed in a moderate way, and loves work as well as slow but sure growth. In time it may take a more aggressive approach to economics, but only after careful consideration. Nova Sarmatia has been 9th among Indian states but seriously needs more economic growth; I am sorry to say that my monetary policy there became a bit too speculative, though the capital did recover to previous levels quickly after employment reform. The Tochari Knights of Sherry Gong are still young; an early decision to let in many immigrants has led to excesses of extremism (now at 13% and falling), though I have steadily gained power and influence which will help implement the reforms necessary to make this reasonably wealthy state even richer and happy.
PECAN members are welcome to enjoy the PECANArsRegendi Yahoo! Group. You can read about the Kibbo Kift as well as Edmund Burke, and also learn about the smartest girl in the world: Sherry Gong.
"I like math because it is beautiful," Sherry Gong says. "There are parts of it that are dainty and elegant, like a quick solution. There are also parts in which you create something incredibly powerful, and then you get to use it."