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Poll: Majority of Dem voters are INSANE!

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Poll: Majority of Dem voters are INSANE!

25.01.2022 12:02
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RE: Poll: Majority of Dem voters are INSANE!

Let me start off by saying some of the measures to punish the unvaccinated presented in the polling do go too far. Imprisoning people for not taking the vaccine would not be a case in which the penalty fits the crime.

What would be the best way to deal with unvaccinated Americans anyway? There is the issue of medical consent, where doctors leave medical decisions up to the patient. This is greatly important to protect with regards to medical issues, but I stress the importance of considering the most important right of all: the right to life. Since as a society we are not all individual pods but rather interact with each other, our actions have consequences with respect to others. For this reason, I would argue to most republicans that they should get vaccinated. After all, if they are pro life, they should be pro vaccine right? Keep in mind that once a person loses their life, they can't ever get it back.

The best way to tackle vaccine adoption and anti-vaxxers would be a combination of incentives, mandates, and a medical information campaign. First of all, a vaccine mandate could be placed with regards to COVID-19 vaccines. For example, if you don't get vaccinated, you might not be granted entry to a public university. This is already done with public schools, and really shouldn't be controversial. Second, the U.S. government as a whole needs to correct general vaccine misinformation. It's already attempting to do this through the CDC. However, the CDC needs to take a hard look at themselves. In the past, they have approved drugs and medicines that the medical community have stated are not ready for release or that shouldn't be released. In many of these cases, the CDC approves them anyway because of regulatory capture (the regulators being from the industries they regulate) and corporate influence from drug companies. The CDC needs to be honest and stand up against concentrated corporate power.

So are democrats crazy for thinking that a human life is valuable? no. Are they crazy for wanting hefty punishments for the unvaccinated? Sure, some of them are. But keep in mind several republicans will not vote out GOP politicians who neglect civil liberties, such as the right to gay marriage, the right to vote in a free and fair election, equal protection under the law, abortion, and other things when republican politicians overreach their use of power. This largely stems from conservatives tendency to be single issue voters. I'd argue this poses more of an issue to the future of the United States than support for vaccination enforcement.

Rather than call all democrats as crazy, consider what the Republican party promotes and why that's unappealing to democratic voters.

13.05.2022 01:34
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