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Censora magna Theodora Flavia Sabbatia Iustiniana dies aged 101

Byzantinium, Quarter 286Theodora Flavia Sabbatia Iustiniana, the beloved Censora magna of Roma, died a few days ago, peacefully resting in her bed after another day of tireless work for our country. Theodora was approaching her 102nd birthday in a few weeks, and was working on the moon colony of Roma in the last months.
Her funeral yesterday was a day of great mourning in the city of Byzantium and the land of Roma. Theodora was laid to rest in a chamber inside the monument Roma build for her several years ago. Many other lasting projects like Fusion power, the Roman Agencies for Malaria cure and for weather control, the Personal Rapid Transit system that was build in all of Roma, and the long and peaceful reign crowned by nuclear disarmament in Asia, will be the other monuments of lasting reverence for our beloved Censora Magna, Empress, concubine of the state, Theodora Flavia Sabbatia Iustiniana, who will always be remembered as the one leader Roma needed in desperate times.