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Sverdlovsk collapse? - Alexei B.Miller - 30.05.2017 00:37

Please explain why my state collapsed after just one assassination attempt? I had my secret files checked and there isn't even one single metric negative or bad enough to even justify the assassination attempt...and why didn't my secret files prevent the first attempt? A prestigious state down the drain for no good reason.

RE: Sverdlovsk collapse? - optimus rex - 30.05.2017 06:28

I´m sorry for that, Alexei, but look at our FAQ....

FAQ Wrote:
What are the secret files?

The link to the secret files can be found in the regent tab. Here you can prepare actions to stay in power which are not supposed to be public. When such an action is applied, there can be negative consequences. Additionally its sucess is not guaranteed.

RE: Sverdlovsk collapse? - Alexei B.Miller - 30.05.2017 06:38


This collapse is exactly like the collapse of the Soviet Union. I can no longer singlehandedly project conventional power in Brasilia...however im happy this has occurred late term in the game rather than early term.