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New Competition: Reform Race - Malone - 13.10.2017 20:09

English Who completes most reforms until quarter 100 - We offer the following prizes:

1st rank: Carefree Premium
2nd rank: 400 coins
3rd rank: 200 coins (unless you want the German game Brainrun)

The first ranked player is eligable of picking his price first, followed by the second ranked player and so on.

Participation rules:

1. You can found and register states starting now. States founded at October 12th 2017 or before can’t join.
2. You must register your states here. It’s enough to post the link or name.
3. There is no state limit per player.
4. One-tick, Two-tick and tickfree states are allowed.
5. The states have to be run in classic mode (meaning no world states).
6. Players may choose the state template on their personal preference.
7. Each state can join an alliance, if this alliance had not been founded before the start of the competition and does not admit states founded before this time.
8. Last time to register is October 31th 2017, 11:59pm CET.
9. We admins do not participate, for the sake of fairness.

Victory rules:

1. Only the player’s most successful state counts.
2. In Quarter 100 you have to post your state here with the final dates.
3. The player with the state which has implemented the most reforms in Quarter 100 wins.
4. If that conditions apply to multiple states, the state which implemented the final reform earlier will be ranked higher.
5. If this also applies to more than one state, earlier founded states are better ranked.
6. The competition ends at January 31th 1am CET. Results achieved at any later point are not considered. In case the results are clear before this date, the competition will be ended earlier, accordingly.
7. There is no legal recourse.

Chops on the larynx are not allowed!

Enjoy! Smile

RE: New Competition: Reform Race - Sato - 14.10.2017 14:27

I'll give it a go, Chrysalis.

RE: New Competition: Reform Race - Benedikt Magnus - 20.10.2017 14:58

There are also some German players active:

RE: New Competition: Reform Race - Malone - 26.10.2017 17:13

We couldn't send the newsletter until now. I hope, it's ok for you, when we prolong the subscription deadline.

RE: New Competition: Reform Race - Sato - 06.01.2018 13:15

Chrysalis Quarter 100 - Autumn 2015

My state has reached one-hundredth quarter, wait and see how I did.