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"Descent" ended my regency - Aspergerian - 17.04.2020 20:01

My dashboard says that my regency in Terra Ovium just ended due to "descent" after 57 quarters. I have lost states due to deselection, assassination, and coup d'etat before, but this is a first for me. What does "descent" mean in this context?

RE: "Descent" ended my regency - JambalayaSam - 18.04.2020 13:23

This might help, but you'll want to wait for an official answer from Sheep or Mr. Proper.

Think you got "liberated" by democracy.

RE: "Descent" ended my regency - MrProper - 19.04.2020 09:42

JambalayaSam Wrote:

Think you got "liberated" by democracy.

That. As mentioned in the thread above, this type of exitus can occur in states with low international reputation. It is exclusive to classic states, and can (potentially) be prevented by maintaining a large military and/or joining an alliance. If you check your inbox, you should also find a private message informing you about the end of your regency.

Consider yourself "lucky". Descent is the rarest form of exitus. Only few players in the history of Ars Regendi achieved it. Now, you have something special to brag about in the community.

RE: "Descent" ended my regency - Aspergerian - 20.04.2020 02:30

Thanks for the feedback, JambalayaSam and MrProper.

I suppose running an authoritarian theocracy made the international community unhappy. Here I thought it was my own citizens who I needed to worry about, but they were surprisingly OK with living in Terra Ovium, or the Land of Sheep.Daumenhoch