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Altai Republic News and Information - Alexei B.Miller - 13.07.2020 20:20

People's House - Altai National Parliament

Blue skies full of stars,
So vast, yet free is the Khan of Altai.
The three peaks of the calm Taigas
This sacred, ancient Altai

Altai welcomes you, may our blessed lands enchant you

Altai a nation bound for greatness maintains a shared history with its neighbors. Bound by a common history, language, and destiny the Altai Republic prioritizes relations with its regional partners and seeks to develop relations with nations outside of our region on the basis of mutual respect and equality under the banner of international law.

The peaceful Altai people maintain no standing army but a professional and modern civil defense force. The Altai Civil Guard is also responsible for maintaining the nations waterways, and civilian aviation security via an array of lightly armed aircraft. Governance of the Altai Republic's various districts and provinces is the responsibility of the central government based in Gorno-Altaysk; although currently a unitary state Altai voters are soon set to vote on if the Altai Republic will adopt a new form of government.

Altai maintains a modernizing but highly adaptable economy. The central government maintains an extensive transportation system that's primary adapted to focus on the nations export targets over the next decade; overall Altai aims to be one of the world's top 15% economies and has developed an ambitious program to achieve that. Premier Tilda Pryzbyla has made the creation of Altai "National Champions" the hallmark of her Presidency; the national champions are state corporations that will focus on the strategic areas of the economy being developed by the central government.

May these hallowed lands remain blessed and free

Tilda Pryzbyla, Premier of the Republic of Altai

RE: Welcome to the Altai Republic - Alexei B.Miller - 14.07.2020 16:39

Altai Government has entered talks on alliance-building, foreign policy stances

Premier Tilda Pryzbyla has revealed that the government has been making progress in talks regarding potential alliance building, as well as clarifying the Altai Republic's foreign policy stances and objectives. The nation's first female Premier has so far began her tenure with great fanfare announcing 2 years of paid parent leave, as well as boosting funding for early child care, and reinforcing financial protections for families with children of any age guaranteeing in effect safe and clean housing for all families. The Premier briefly spoke with reports as she arrived from Ult-Altai International Airport.

"While many contents of the talks are a matter of state security, I can tell you that the Altai Republic places great emphasis on the rule of law internationally and respect for territorial integrity for all states which maintain peaceful relations with the Altai Republic. Therefore the Altai Republic under my leadership will only commit to an alliance on the basis of these principles. However we have not ruled out forming a coalition under our leadership the efficiency of this decision will be finalized once we have properly and fully assessed our own potential to create security and prosperity outside of our own borders and region.... this study is fully underway already."

Currently, the Altai Republic operates under the principle of "Armed Neutrality". Meaning that the Altai Republic fully and constantly develops its military policy and defense potential to actively resist being stripped of its political and territorial integrity especially in regards to the independent formulation and execution of its foreign policy.

RE: Welcome to the Altai Republic - Alexei B.Miller - 21.07.2020 16:57

Finlas Kultura handed Economy and Innovations portfolio

Former Communications Minister under Dybrzyki Administration now appointed as Altai Minister of Economy. Mr. Kultura has over a decade of cabinet level experience and is expected to bring his administrative efficiencies built from the Communications Ministry to "turbo-charge" the Altai economy. His first order of business will be to overhaul burdensome regulations on the business community and will boost worker protections and push for higher unionization of workers in the economy. Key to the drive will be ensure that Altai workers remain competitive and highly educated so employers will be inclined to continue relocating to Altai and expanding their operations in the country.

"Premier Pryzbyla has the ambitious goal of shooting into the top 15% of global economies. I think this is fully achievable over a particular period of time, we have the world's best experience in economy building and I think efforts will allow Altai to assume not just the top 15% of economies but perhaps even the top economy in the world....period. Work will begin immediately on the National Champions projects, our work will also involve having a minimal impact on the ecosystem...yes this does mean that Altai will have strict environmental standards being enacted as the nation successfully reaches its economic targets. Based on the preliminary data, we can achieve economic growth while being environmentally responsible without crushing Altai families."

Finlas Kultura is determined to increase the efficiency of the economy, he plans to commission the nations universities and colleges to construct a national artificial intelligence to assist with the nation's economic planning. The future "National Champions" will contribute to the development and maintenance of the national AI to ensure Altai retains its competitive edge. Minister Kultura believes that whichever nation masters AI will become the leading nation.

Altai Republic News and Information - Alexei B.Miller - 28.07.2020 15:45

Altai Space Directorate proposes North American Space Alliance

Neugartland, Altai

Director Iwona Stanisławska of the Altai Space Directorate has proposed the creation of a continental space cooperation forum called the North American Space Alliance or NASA for short. Director Stanislawska made the proposal in order to bring forward peace and cooperation between North American states.

Altai for its parts controls about 75% of the Americas space-lift capacity with primary launches conducted out of the Ust-Kansky Panhandle, with rocket development, construction, testing, and other support services being conducted primarily along the Gulf Coast region on Altai. The move is designed to export Altai highest technical competencies which is manned and unmanned spaceflight and deploy its benefits for the advancement of all of North America.

"It remains truer today than it did even 30 years ago, that North America remains the economic, cultural, technological, and in many ways the political center of the world. In order to maintain this competitive advantage the states of North America must cooperate in ways that guarantee the mutual and persistent growth of our not only our industries but our prosperity. Only through true collective efforts can we continue to realize our potential. Space is our future, Altai wants to do its part to ensure North America can adequately protect its interest in the highest heavens."

As apart of the Altai Government's ambitious 10 year infrastructure development plan; the state has allocated 30 billion yei for the development of the ASD infrastructure and weather proofing all ASD facilities along the gulf coast. Part of this work will be aggressively expanding marshlands, and creating miles outward sea walls and barrier islands to form as the basis for a 10 year land reclamation project in order to protect the highly urbanized portions of the Ust-Kansky Panhandle a region which houses 10 million residents within the statistical area and is expected to growth to double that within the next 50 years. The space industry, tourism, martime trade, as well as finance are the regions main economic activities.

RE: Altai Republic News and Information - Alexei B.Miller - 31.07.2020 18:21


Economy Ministry announces new measures to boost economic activity amid temporary slump attributed to overseas intervention.

Economy and Innovations Minister Finlas Kultura acknowledges that the Altai economy is behind schedule compared to its peers but promises to make up lost ground as Altai concludes its civil intervention into Altai's Africa Regions. The measures the government plan to take are as follows.

-Federal support to consumers with reduced interest rates
-Acceleration of the State Program on the National Champions
-Opening additional federal waters for oil and gas drilling
-Tax cuts on personal income
-Additional boost to subsidies
-Accelerated Infrastructure Spending
-Increased Orders to the Defense Industry

The measures will help GDP growth to reach the target of 6% annually. The spending will be partially financed by the regional government of East Altai due to its low debt load. The region will first attempt to wipe out its debt before contributing to the federal budget. Altai's debt to gdp ratio is expected to hit 100% within the next 2 years before decreasing due to resumed federal budgetary reforms, expanding gdp, and increasing tax revenues from economic growth will reduce the federal deficit currently at over 200 billion yei.

RE: Altai Republic News and Information - Alexei B.Miller - 04.08.2020 19:29

(Viktoras Pranckietis - Speaker of the Altai Parliament)

Parliament moves to ensure Altai neutrality

In a rare move by MPs, the Altai Parliament has voted to allocate 3.2 billion yei to reroute Altai internet connections away from VIKI Prime and all VIKI sub-modems. Internet connections with VIKI and its sub-modems can now only occur through secure and highly encrypted satellite connections. These connections will be channeled through specialized satellites with capacity limiters to ensure massive information surges normally designed to overwhelm computer systems will not allow mistakes that cause VIKI to trigger politically questionable events to occur through Altai.

Like the VIKI embassy in Altai, all VIKI to VIKI and VIKI to non-VIKI entities communication that occurs on Altai soil will occur in a secure vacuum. This revolutionary step is to ensure the neutrality of the Altai Republic. Once the Altai AI Supercomputer (Watson) is inducted only Watson and the Directorate for Computer Hyper-technologies will be allowed to directly interact with VIKI. The DCH will also have a specialized diplomatic corps from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to manage relations with VIKI and its computerized submodems.

The legislation also halts technology imports from VIKI and countries which use VIKI parts for their technology imports into Altai. Altai must ensure it retains not only political neutrality, but digital neutrality and sovereignty. Lawmakers brief by security chiefs revealed that VIKI could potentially usurp power from states through technological proliferation. In order to ensure Altai remains at the cutting edge it will create specialized visa-regimes for highly educated immigrants and set them up with highly accommodating living arrangements and prioritized within Altai government, state enterprises, and large cap private corporations. Lawmakers have yet to agree on initial funding for this aspect of legislation but will appropriate 6.5 billion over the next 3 years to begin drawing in highly educated recruits. A further 7 billion will be invested in Altai universities over the next two years to develop more STEM graduates.

Parliament will work closely with the government to ensure Altai remains neutral, progressive, and on the cutting edge. The proposed North American Space Alliance will also go forward without VIKI and will receive an additional 1.2 billion in funding annually to begin expanding the satellite network.

RE: Altai Republic News and Information - Alexei B.Miller - 05.08.2020 18:47

(Port of New Kasgrin, largest port by tonnage in Western Hemisphere)

Port officials move to flat toll for all transit cargoes, free-trade partners exempt

Port New Kasgrin, Kasgrin State, Altai

The Port Authority of New Kasgrin responsible for all shipping entering and exiting the Illusien River will now charge a new flat and lower transit charge for all cargoes. The new fee set at $50 Yei for each TEU capacity whether loaded or unloaded is designed to allow Port Kasgrin to stay competitive with Texan Ports vying for more business from Asia. Kasgrin already is effectively the port of call for most shipping traffic from Africa due to complex shipping discounts administered by East Altai authorities for charging severely reduced transit fees.

The system is expected to bring streamlined and simple charges for transit and is expected to actually raise 1.3 billion extra yei in the first half year alone. Some of these fees will be used to deepen the river draft to allow higher tonnage freight to directly use the port. Other funds will be used upgrade port facilities and rail and road routes used to exit and enter the port. 25% of surplus revenues will be shared with the East Altai Port Authority to offset lower fee collections.

As always free trade partners will be exempted from the transit fee, but will still be charged fees for using port services themselves as well as minor fees used to safely navigate the port.

RE: Altai Republic News and Information - Alexei B.Miller - 09.08.2020 16:22

(Nito Cortizo, Governor of South Altai Federal District)

Governor Cortizo unveils federal aid for South Altai

Vanama City, South Altai

Governor Cortizo announces that Gorno-Altaysk will relocated the headquarters and significantly expand the infrastructure of the North American Space Alliance to South Altai. Further, the Vanama Canal Authority will receive a brand new HQ and the Altai Red Cross will be based in Vanama City.

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine announced that his agency has received 7.2 billion to develop a new HQ campus on the territory of South Altai. In addition to new campus, Altai is granting seed funding to help build out the continental space alliances infrastructure in the region. Many have noted that South Altai remains the most attractive location in North America for primary space launch services. The development of the new space center in North America will create a new industry in South Altai and together with the massive shipping industry will catapult the region and North America into greater prosperity. Altai urges other NASA allies to contribute up to 5 billion to complete the build out of NASA future civilian space launch center.

In other news, Altai as a neutral power works to develop its humanitarian relief capacity. As such a brand new 250 million yei headquarters for the Altai Red Cross will be established in South Altai. The agency will focus on anti-poverty policies and activities in the Americas and Africa. The agency will retain spare capacity to rapidly assist in international relief anywhere in the globe. The current task of the agency is to reduce poverty in South Altai and Mexico due to the recent successful intervention by Texan Armed Forces.

The Vanama Canal Authority is constructing a massive 1 billion yei skyscraper campus in Vanama City steps away from the Vanama Canal. The new building will house the South Altai Maritime Administration, the South Altai Fisheries Office, and the Vanama Port Authority.

South Altai due to its growing debt will receiving immediate federal assistance to service its debt. Along with a strict fiscal consolidation plan, South Altai will incorporate modest budget reductions with meaningful investments and regulatory improvements to rejuvenate its economy. The Federal Minister of Economy Finlas Kultura has pledged to make South Altai's economy the fastest growing in the region. The Altai Armed Forces have already announced it will create a base the Pacific Fleet on the West coast of South Altai, a large Coast Guard contingent will be created on the regions East Coast and the Altai Gulf Coast Fleet will be reduced to a Flotilla and have 70% of its tonnage transferred to the Altai Navy's Atlantic Fleet to allow some assets of the Atlantic Fleet based in East Altai to be transferred to the Altai Mediterranean Fleet. South Altai shipyards are expected to receive large orders to support the creation of the Pacific Fleet some orders will eventually be to help strengthen the Atlantic Fleet. The Altai Navy is expected to reform and refine its command structure as the fleet expands but has committed 2.3 billion yei to help expand shipbuilding capacity. The Altai Parliament will debate an appropriations bill to issue no interest loans up to 10 billion yei to expand the nations shipyards as Altai expects to become a very large naval power due to its overseas territorial holdings and the need to independently protect its trade lanes due to its neutral status.

RE: Altai Republic News and Information - Alexei B.Miller - 11.08.2020 15:36

(Nito Cortizo, Governor of South Altai Federal District)

South Altai's ORMEC membership cancelled, mulls Houston Pact, FU membership

Vanama City, South Altai Federal District

South Altai Governor Nito Cortizo has indefinitely suspended South Altai's ORMEC membership citing recent guidance from Gorno-Altaysk that additional Altai membership in ORMEC could compromise the neutral status of the republic even if not technically breaching neutrality. The Foreign Ministry fears that even though Altai only cooperates within ORMEC commercially that the increasing political status of what is originally an economic bloc could pressure Altai foreign policy.

Nito Cortizo immediately ordered his advisers to pull the plug on South Altai - ORMEC membership talks. Stating that South Altai would merely cooperate with the organization via bilateral economic agreements via deals signed with the Altai Oil and Gas Group. AOGG is also pressuring officials within East Altai to suspend their membership within ORMEC if the bloc turns political. However some see the move by AOGG as a way to further consolidate and control its own oil and gas holdings. East Altai would give remaining license rights to AOGG and a new licenses would be issued on a competitive basis. AOGG has allegedly spent millions exploring the southern regions of East Altai and is rumored to have discovered the largest oil deposit in the Western Sahara.

While South Altai will consider joining Houston Pakt, or the FU its unsure if the region will be able to join either organization due to their political nature. Only the federal government can formally align with another political entity. The federal subjects may only pursue limited economic relations with foreign powers outside of the purview of Gorno-Altaysk which is why East Altai was able to join the ORMEC Energy Bloc on its own.

RE: Altai Republic News and Information - Alexei B.Miller - 12.08.2020 18:30

(Defense Minister, Ursula von der Leyen)

Defense Minister Von der Leyen announces new 5 year State Armaments Program and National Military Policy

Vanama City, South Altai Federal District

Altai Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen arrived to Vanama City as Altai Armed Forces finish sweeping away enemy combatants in the regions dense forest and many waterways. The Minister arriving with a heavy escort of 12 fighters surrounding her government aircraft, and escorted to the South Altai Federal District Headquarters by a heavily armed motorcade to meet Governor Cortizo.

The Minister underwrote the ongoing government talking points of massive economic development, substantial fiscal support from the federal government, and guarantees of investment from long-time Altai allies in Texas in the massive NASA complex being erected in the region.

The Minister brought her own message...... the Altai flag has returned and to fly high permanently. In order to do that, Mrs von der Leyen pledged to dozens of ship orders to regions ailing shipyards, she promised that state owned defense firms would relocate factories to produce parts for the Altai Republic planned defense architecture for the region, and more importantly she promised that as host to the Altai Republic's future Pacific Fleet that numerous bases would be planted to support naval and air force activities in the region. The total federal investment in South Altai will exceed its entire GDP.

Governor Cortizo welcomed the additional news, stated that he's dedicated to working with the federal government, private enterprise, and regional allies to turn South Altai into the most attractive investment location in the union. The regions control of the Vanama Canal would provide important revenue sources and allow millions to see the wonder of South Altai thus driving additional tourism and investment yei to the region. The governor stated that he is confident that the various local and regional heads within South Altai would be glad to offer territory to place the future federal bases but cautioned the federal government to avoid having regions and cities within South Altai to have to compete for federal funds and that these funds should be distributed as evenly as possible and prioritize regions with the highest unemployment.

The governor also exclaimed that the war has decimated the South Altai economy and that the federal government and all brotherly Altai regions should quickly render assistance to South Altai. Rebels have damaged significant portions of the canal which has cost hundreds of millions in repairs at a time where the war has halted economic activity and thus revenue collection. Further the significant cost of protecting all 50 miles of the canal on both sides runs into the tens of millions every month until the rebels have been crushed. Naturally the international community depends on this important waterway for trade and thus we have no choice but to front the cost. The Vanama Canal Authority will have to raise rates on passage if the federal government doesn't provide emergency lending on 340 Million Yei.

Minister Von der Leyen promised to deploy the Army Corp of Engineers to take over repairs and cost, and pledged that 5,000 additional federal troops would be deployed to help better protect the canal throughout the duration of the liberation operation. She also stated that she would give testimony to the federal parliament to approve substantial funding to South Altai but noted that she is aware that the Finance Ministry is already finalizing the proposal to parliament based on consultations with the South Altai Regional Directorate for Finance and Economic Planning.

RE: Altai Republic News and Information - Alexei B.Miller - 16.08.2020 15:34

(Saadeddine Othmani - Governor of East Altai)

East Altai implement all federal and regional programs and initiatives on a timely basis

Casablanca, East Altai Federal District

The Governor of East Altai has praised his staff as well as the state premiers and mayors within the federal district for achieving success with the ongoing implementation of various federal and regional programs and initiatives. East Altai is the fastest growing region of the Altai Federal Republic and draws the largest amount of new private capital than any other federal district.

The regions economy has seen incredible diversification over the last years, and East Altai ports have boomed since trade opened up with Arborea and the greater Mediterranean region. Now regional economic planners are envisioning a tunnel that reaches into Arborea. The envisioned Trans-Strait Tunnel would link the Iberian Peninsula with North Africa and would allow people, freight, as well as high speed fiber optics, energy pipelines, and electricity lines. The project is estimated to cost up to 10 billion AR$ and take 15 to 17 years to complete, however the project could be completed in 10 years or less if the funding is increased to 14 billion AR$ the upfront cost would be split between the Government of the Altai Republic and the Government of Arborea naturally private investment could be welcomed.

A precursor to the project would include a better transport infrastructure connecting the Maghreb/West Africa regions and then finally converging in the East Altai Federal State of Tanger where the tunnel would lead into Arborea. This project would allow West Africa/Mahgreb resources and goods to pour into Europe fueling the continents already booming economy and allow European services and peoples to pour into our region to build up our industries with their expertise due to the better ease of movement. Naturally, a special visa-free regime would need to be created between our two regions for the project to be successful. The unfettered movement of people and capital is the only way the project will succeed once completed.

The Altai Federal Government has already allocated 2 billion yei towards building out better transport links between the Maghreb/West African states starting with direct rail (and future high speed rail) to Motyro and Algeria. The EAFD will allocate 115 million yei for the feasibility study on the Integrated West Africa/Maghreb Transport Union which will need to be achieved before the expensive tunnel project in implemented.

Lastly, South Altai and the Federal Government to will use the budgetary experience gained from the Trans-Americas Tunnel being constructed under the Vanama Canal to connect North and South American economies to ensure the proposed project si achieved on time and within the budgetary parameters.

RE: Altai Republic News and Information - Alexei B.Miller - 17.08.2020 17:26

(Altai Governors Association Logo)

Altai Governors and Regional Heads agree to increase spending amid trade woes

Altai governors and regional heads are wasting no time waiting for the impacts of increased global tensions to hit their economies. They are taking brisk and aggressive action now to avoid fall out from VIKI / Confederate blocs. The Governors of the Federal Districts, State Governors, Federal Mayors, and other altai regional heads convened in East Altai to discuss steps to be taken to supplement federal actions to boost the economy.

The combined GDP of the nation slightly exceeds 4 trillion yei, federal planners seek to increase GDP by at least 300 billion annually or 6.5% to 7.5% annually. This goal could be at risk due to trade tensions. Regional officials have agreed to boost education, infrastructure, and to resume the digitization of government. Officials also agreed to continue right sizing social payments; indexing them to local cost of living. All three federal districts are extremely trade reliant and agreed to boost shipbuilding capacity by offering local incentives 50% of new shipbuilding orders would be given to South Altai shipyards to give the ailing economy long-term support.

Next, regional port authorities agreed to better coordinate transit rates in order to maximize trade flows through Altai ports, canals, and rivers. A new program will be introduced to issue discounted rates for merchants shipping goods on Altai cargo ships; Altai ships carrying at least 50% cargo would pay transit rates at a 50% discount. Altai ships carrying 75% to 100% of foreign goods will receive a 65% to 80% reduction in transit fees. This will stimulate foreign markets to use Altai vessels even if the goods are not headed to Altai markets. The republics neutral status ensures its vessels can freely pass through any nations waters without political concerns.

Finally, the NGA issued a letter to the federal government offering Altai to serve as a global re-exporter. A special tariff regime could be offered to allow nations who also have competitive maritime industries to reach their target markets via Altai. These exporters can simply offload their cargo unto Altai ports pay a reduced tariff and have the goods transferred to Altai vessels or send via land or air routes to be exported to third countries. The goods would be still be marked from their home country but technically be considered an export of Altai.

Altogether local and regional governments will spend an additional 30 billion this year to support the economy. Major investments from Houston Pakt and VIKI will support South Altai the most economically distressed region of the Altai Federal Republic; totally investment commitments are 50 billion or 25% of the regions GDP. The federal government will invest an additional 10 to 15 billion on infrastructure projects an additional 6 billion will be spent by the Armed Forces to create new military bases in South and East Altai and will have a 13 billion yei economic impact.

RE: Altai Republic News and Information - Alexei B.Miller - 20.08.2020 02:54

(Thomas Andrews, Governor of Guelmim-Oued Noun Federal State)

East Altai Governor arrested accused of corruption

Guelmim, Guelmim-Oued Noun

Federal troops arrested Governor Thomas Andrews shortly after he arrived back to Guelmim after attending a regional development summit in Tanger. There regional officials concluded 13 billion yei in agreements but the agreements signed by Guelmim where rehearsed transactions set up by the federal government to prove corruption allegations.

There was controversy in the arrest as unmarked federal troops halted the governors convoy which triggered violent reactions and a brief exchange of fire between federal agents and the governors security forces. Federal officials admitted that they did not inform local officials of the arrest as they believe that the governor created such corruption that the local security forces would have allowed the governor to flee. One federal agent and 6 local security forces were injured in the arrest ultimately due to friendly fire.

The federal governor of East Altai Saadeddine Othmani was aware of the operation and announced the news of public television in the federal district. The Federal District Governor also announced that he was taking extraordinary measures as the federal governments representatives in East Altai to liquidate the Guelmim-Oued Noun State Security Service and that federal officials would oversee the rebuilding of the organization and that he would appoint an acting state governor from the region to serve out the remainder of Governor Thomas's term.

Governor Thomas will face federal charges at the 6th District Federal Court in Casablanca. The judge will not allow the governor to post bond, and has impounded the governors assets pending the completion of the investigation. The Governor's family will have the vacate the governors mansion but will be placed in care and protection of the East Altai Federal Administration until the trail is completed.

RE: Altai Republic News and Information - Alexei B.Miller - 20.08.2020 14:55

(Rendering of the future World Assembly building in the South Altai Federal District)

Altai selected to host international executive and legislative organs

The Altai Republic as the world's premier neutral state, has won the bid to host the international executive and legislative organs. In traditional Altai practice of diplomacy the three institutions of the world body will be geographically split between the three Altai federal districts. The World Court of Justice seat lies in East Altai, South Altai will host the world assembly, and North Altai will host the executive organ.

The construction of the World Court of Justice is already several years completed. The Altai Federal Government will finance the construction of all the two new international institutions but will take donations from foreign governments and private entities domestically and abroad. It will be an international bidding process for the construction of the sprawling international complexes and their support infrastructure. The Altai Government will insist on hiring local workers in South Altai due to the weak economic climate in the region.

Lastly, all international institutions such as the example made in East Altai with the WCJ will receive independent supplies of power, water, and communication. Further the Altai Government will replicate the special visa regime created in East Altai to ensure all international delegations will have smooth, constant, and unhindered access to the international institutions located on our territory. The Altai Ministry of Foreign Affairs has created a International Bodies Directorate to ensure all international visas are issued and diplomatic credentials are processed. Altai will create a new standard for international diplomacy administrative process.

Altai is honored to host all three organs of the international community and ensure all partners and nations that Altai is open, free, democratic, and neutral. Welcome to the home of nations, welcome to the Altai Republic!

RE: Altai Republic News and Information - Alexei B.Miller - 30.08.2020 23:47

(Tilda Przbyla - Premier of the Altai Federal Republic)

Premier announces new Federal District - Neu Oyrot (New Altai) Federal District

Gorno-Altaysk, Altai Federal Capital District

Premier Tilda Przbyla announced today that Altai liberation forces where moving in from the air and sea to engage the military junta currently occupying the Horn of Africa. The Altai Armed Forces are conducting the longest range mission in the history of the Altai Republic; the logistical demands on the armed forces are being pushed to their limits for the safety of not just the federal republic but neighboring nations and nations dependent on trade running through the region including the breath of Europe and other nations linings the Mediterranean.

The Altai Armada initiated hostilities with the Angar-class submarines firing several volleys of cruise missiles towards enemy air defenses along the coast and at some dense targets in the interior. The saturation attack was followed by dense air formations knocking out known anti-sea batteries; from there Altai marine units poured unto the shoreline and began securing ports and nearby airfields for regular army units to reinforce the amphibious assault forces.

From the west, Altai airborne units were dropped into the deserts to secure the smaller settlements and clear the way for additional reinforcements flying in from East Altai. This unit composed of army paratroopers and elite special forces were met with no resistance was assisted by local nomads. Naturally the military junta was caught by surprise as the professional Altai Armed Forces wiped away their perimeter defenses with our advanced Altai made weaponry.

Premier Przbyla by right of the Executive Council declared the Horn of Africa sovereign Altai territory and has declined negotiations with the military junta. As such as Premier Mrs. Przbyla has declared a new Federal District on behalf of the federal parliament and will rename the region Neu Oyrot or New Altai. The Neu Oyrot Federal District is at once considered legally apart of the Altai Federal Republic; the heads of the current states and cities of the new district are hereby ordered to submit their oath of office to the federal government declaring their loyalty to the Altai Federal Constitution, and their reformed state constitutions civil leaders must also recognize the Gorno-Altaysk Federal District Governor as a condition to retain their positions until the first district elections are held.

The Altai leader promised new vigor to the region pledging to finance now up to a 10% of GDP annual deficit to the federal district to jump start its economy and bring more economic equality to the Altai citizens in the region. Further the federal government will commit 30 billion yei to modernizing current infrastructure, 100 billion yei in long-term infrastructure expansion, and 20 billion on short term infrastructure expansion such as the creation of international air and seaports. 1 billion yei annually will be spent to strengthen food security in the region, and numerous funds will be spent significantly increasing the regions education and health infrastructure.

The Altai Ministry of Defense has already announced that it will sink billions more arming the region with an independent atomic deterrent and that 778 million yei alone in the first quarter improving and expanding the military bases that survive the intervention. However the MOD does plan to create a brand new Indian Ocean Fleet to the region as well as creating 3 or 4 air force commands in the region. The MOD did not clearly indicate if would help repair the regions highly crippled shipbuilding industry citing the cost. It did state that it would send whatever orders were possible to the capable shipyards if they exist; however its not unthinkable for the Ministry of Defense to want to create independent shipyard capabilities for its future Indian Ocean Fleet. At a minimum defense planners will want at least want "significant repair and redeploy capability" in lieu of a full fledged military shipyards.

The Federal Ministry for the Alliance of Peoples announced that it would relocate several AP institutions in the region. The international bodies will be largely development focused; and hopefully delegates that visit will have the opportunity to be inspired by Neu Oyrot as the federal district progresses into the future.

(Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo, Governor of Neu Oyrot Federal District)

RE: Altai Republic News and Information - Alexei B.Miller - 31.08.2020 16:52

State Press Service Updates

- Office of the Premier regrets the collapse of Somalia, says plans for Neu Oyrot Federal District remain but will be housed in a new territory approved by the Executive Council. The cost of the liberation have already been fully accounted for using state reserves funds.

- Altai National Bank lowers reserve requirement due to low state debt levels. While reserves do not exceed liabilities, large surpluses from oil and gas revenue ensure steady debt repayments. East and South Federal Districts expected to begin localizing surpluses for regional development. The North Federal District which houses the seat of the federal government and on paper is the guarantor of federal liabilities still has nearly 900 billion in liabilities to liquidate, but the over 300 billion yei in annual surpluses will see the debt wiped out in 3 years.

- The Altai led North American Space Alliance received a fresh jolt from its partner Houston Pakt. The alliance delivered innovative new solar panel designs that will power NASA's newest probes to the outer solar system. The probes developed by the hyper-AI VIKI is being lifted into space by Altai built Unity rockets, the probes will also utilize a revolutionary propulsion system created by Altai engineers. The three NASA nations will collaborate to see if the energy from Houston power new solar panels will be redirected to add more tools to the VIKI probes or if it will be used in propulsion to increase the mission endurance or area of interest.

- The Federal Ministry of Finance has declined to extend a tax break to Altai Oil and Gas over its plans to increase production capacity to 13 million barrels per day. The Ministry stated that as a state entity it was responsible to ensure stable and reliable revenues to the government, the ministry warned it would audit AOG finances as it didn't understand why the company doesn't have sufficient liquidity to fund its own production increase. Altai Oil and Gas has stated it would lobby the Altai Federal Parliament and the federal states where production occurs to ease the financial burden as it argues crushing federal and state taxes limit its expansion. AOG competes with the entirety of ORMEC and warns that it needs to quickly ramp up production to push ORMEC out of its core markets. Altai due to its geographic proximity should already be Europe's number 2 supplier outside of Helvetica, but Altai is only Europe's 9th largest supplier, a tunnel concept with Arborea will allow AOG to dominate European energy markets.

- Altai Foreign Ministry invites global leaders to South Altai for an international exhibition celebrating the importance of the Alliance of Peoples. Altai as the sole host of this organization due to its devout neutrality has created a state policy to enhance and protect the importance of the international body. The federal parliament has authorized the creation of a Federal Ministry for the Alliance of Peoples to carry out this state policy. The Foreign Ministry works directly with this new federal ministry, but the new ministry does not represent Altai at this organization.... this organization only facilitates the international acceptance and participation in this organization. It also directs the organizations administrative support activities on the territory of Altai such as providing land, energy, supplies, and even has an emergency visa office. The new ministry also mediates directly between the AP and Altai municipalities to ensure the international body and altai society remains in harmonious coexistence.

RE: Altai Republic News and Information - Alexei B.Miller - 03.09.2020 23:30

Altai Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The MoFA is requesting ORMEC investigate the cases of its missing diplomats from Algeria. The Altai Consulate in Algeria issued a warning for its diplomats and their families to return to the diplomatic compound immediately after diplomats negotiating road and rail connections to East Altai mysteriously vanished after leaving the second round of negotiations.

The diplomats reportedly declined to agree to the Altai federal government funding the majority of the project stating the country was already developing the Trans Strait Tunnel and that addition cost from expanding the road and rail networks into Algeria would be prohibitively expensive. Vagnu Aktar led the delegation and the motorcade leaving the talks was ambushed by gunmen.

The MoFA is urging ORMEC to investigate this at once. The East Altai Federal District has offered to deploy special investigators to Algeria to assist the investigation. The Governor of East Altai has personally contacted the ORMEC Administrator for Algeria to plead for his assistance on the investigation. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has noted an increase in kidnappings in Algeria even after the liberation by ORMEC. There are still pockets of insurgency plaguing the region, the East Altai Federal Bureau for Border Protection has recommended sealing the land border with Algeria until the local law enforcement better ensures security for East Altai residents.

East Altai will resume negotiations with New Atlazon and Lincoln on expanding the transit networks to connect the regional economies to Europe via the Trans Strait Tunnel. The Altai Consulate in Algeria will remain in operation and will be heavily fortified and will send more security for its personnel and increase escorts for diplomats conducting their work in the area.

RE: Altai Republic News and Information - Alexei B.Miller - 10.09.2020 18:17

(Christine Lagarde - President of the Altai National Bank)

Altai National Bank to increase reserves for East and South Altai Federal Districts

The ANB has doubled its reserve requirement from 0.5% to 1% of district gdp to be sent annually to the central banks reserve accounts. The move comes as increasing budgetary pressure particularly in South Altai have the potential to plunge the district back into a debt which the National Bank and federal government which to avoid at all cost.

Roughly 60% of the South Altai Districts budget deficit is because of the ongoing build-up of an atomic deterrence on the territory. The MOD has mostly compensated the federal districts government for the expenses with some billions held up due to spending and accounting disputes between the district administration and the military audit chamber. This has caused South Altai reserves to plummet, with a similar situation in East Altai.

The cost of the increase will total no more than 5 billion in the first year for South and East Altai collectively, but North Altai will be sending an extra 25 billion yei to the national bank in the first year alone due to its overwhelming larger economy. From there, various federal officials will resume dispersing the collected funds.

The North Altai Federal District is expected to conclude all its remaining debt obligations within the next year. Economic planners in the region are planning another stimulus worth 100 billion in the form of a 70 billion yei tax cut to excise and income taxes, followed by 30 billion in new state spending on top of the already planned expense increases. Pundits express dismay at the relatively modest size of the stimulus announced by the government and warn that it will be enough to launch the Altai Republic into the top 15% of economies; the government is currently not trending to meet this goal. So far the government has no official plans to abandon this objective while admitting achieving that goal within the next 5 years is unlikely.

Most federal development efforts are in the South and East districts. Intensive state development efforts have not led to the levels of private investment envisioned. Federal officials have encouraged district, state, and local leaders to make more aggressive steps to facilitate growth as the federal government can only do so much in practical terms to develop the economy faster. Most federal efforts have focused on developing energy resources, the defense industry, and space related activities. Premier Tilda Pryzbyla at the next State Council meeting will ask leaders to formulate ideas to double South Altai's GDP and to bring East Altai's GDP to 1.3 trillion within the next 5 to 7 years it may require direct federal transfers totaling an additional 50 to 60 billion yei annually to offset the enormous budget and policy changes to enact the needed economic reforms to South and East Altai.

RE: Altai Republic News and Information - Alexei B.Miller - 15.09.2020 22:13

South Altai Times

The Altai National Parliament has approved 50 billion in fixed federal payments to the South Altai Federal District. The move comes as the regions economy enters a sharp recession as the promised level of investment has not materialized. Pundits blame the federal government for pressuring regional officials to balance the budget and proceed on a linear economic development plan, however South Altai actually requires billions in subsidies and tax breaks to ensure its economic mobility.

Data shows that the state sector is still extremely small and that the spending potential of the government has yet to be reached by a significant margin. The move to supplement the regional budget comes as a planned large spending spree is being planned totaling another 40 billion annually. Plus up to 20 billion annually will be on standby to ensure the regional governments in South Altai do not enter a negative period. The automatic fiscal stabilizers primarily work to extend the fiscal leverage south altai can utilize to stimulate it's economy.

Premier Pryzbyla has announced that her government will request parliament redirect up to $150bn Yei to the South and East Altai Districts. South Altai is expected to consume $75 billion of the walled off funds totalling $125bn in direct federal assistance annually. East Altai officials have not requested direct federal funds, but have requested that ad hoc payments remain an option for it to call on at any time. East Altai due to its geographic proximity to Europe has benefited from the Trans Strait Tunnel construction with Arborea and the near monopoly it will have on energy transit to the Iberian Peninsula. It also does not have a dilapidated post-communist economy which South Altai despite it's progress still struggles to modernize and reach it's potential.

RE: Altai Republic News and Information - Alexei B.Miller - 18.09.2020 14:22

(Nito Cortizo - Governor of South Altai Federal District)

Nito urges South Altai citizens to remain peaceful, district officials launch billions in new projects

Vanama FD HQ, Vanama Federal State

Today, as South Altai is overwhelmed with rallies, marches, and protest against the governments, failed economic plans in the region. South Altai Governor Nito Cortizo announced that South Altai has initiated a 139bn yei health project to massively improve the citizens' well-being and health potential. The project is one of many public works projects underway in South Altai as local, state, district, and federal officials scramble to react to the public discontent to retain control over the highly important Altai territory.

According to experts, the protest has reached a point where they could begin to subside or break the region's political centers. Naturally, this scenario would force the federal government to lose the important region which also hosts key NASA installations, the newly completely terminus of Unity Highway, the critically important Vanama Canal, and sensitive military bases housing the Altai Republics Pacific Fleet. While in any collapse scenario, the federal government has plans to deploy substantial military forces to retain the regions most important sites.

Regarding the work of international bodies in the region, all international institutions have been temporarily relocated to their duplicate seats of power in either the North or East Altai Federal Districts. Even NASA has relocated its staffing to back to Phlorida State and has begun transporting maturing projects to Cape Canaveral launch sites to the work of the continental space agency can continue unopposed.

officials at all levels remain cautiously optimistic about the situation in South Altai, and believe that given enough time the region will stabilize and bounce back into its growth trend. Hundreds of billions has been deployed to South Altai to remedy the dire situation and federal government will continue to spend whatever is necessary to ensure the region stabilizes and can return to prosperity.

RE: Altai Republic News and Information - Alexei B.Miller - 21.09.2020 15:52

(Viktoras Pranckietis - Speaker of the Altai Parliament)

Altai National Parliament approves 100bn Yei in additional assistance

Altai MPs approved a mega-bail out to the South Altai Federal District today; the permanent spending bill to subsidize a planned hyper-expansion of the South Altai economy has also been signed into law by Premier Pryzbyla... a mere formality. The Ministry of Finance has requested the World Leader approve the mega transfer.

A historic deal that relied on the improvement of the dire public sentiment will now ensure that South Altai officials will have all the tools and resources needed to plan and fulfill both local and federal mandates. The federal government already sent fixed payments of 50bn Yei annually funded 19% of the district's budget with additional funds from the central bank expanding that total significantly. Now the federal government will be funding a whooping 55% of South Altai annual budget and that amount will increase significantly once a major medical project is completed. Economic managers will trigger a large tax cut, while boosting the state sector financed by the generous help from the federal government to sustain the Altai Republic's highly important southern outpost.

To offset the large majority of the cost, the federal contribution tax will be lowered by half. This frees up over 75bn yet annual for the federal government. The Federal government will only see new spending increase by 25bn, South Altai will receive the mega-payments in lieu of future ad hoc payments from the federal government. The lowered supplement payments will now be exclusively directed to East Altai which has a much better economic position although its set for a large drop in GDP as an important state program concludes this quarter. District officials have reduced taxes and increase other state spending to partially offset the expected pronounced GDP drop. Of course, planners will immediately implement new projects to claw back some GDP growth. We expect East Altai's budget deficit to be halved which can be fully financed by federal supplemental transfers.

The North Altai Federal District which houses the seat of the federal government, is expected to retain a budget surplus of over 200bn yet annually. Although a coordinated drop in tax revenue combined with a mild increase in state spending, and increased contributions to federal projects may see the surplus temporarily drop below 200bn yei. However projected growth in new tax revenues from booming economic growth as well as Altai Oil and Gas new aggressive market domination strategy will lift back state revenues starting next year. Officials aim to settle the budget surplus around 100bn annually within the next 5 years with the Altai national economy is expected to begin maturing.

RE: Altai Republic News and Information - Alexei B.Miller - 23.09.2020 20:59

(Tilda Pryzbyla - Premier of the Altai Federal Republic)

Altai solidarity tested again with social unrest erupting in East Altai

The federal system of the Altai Republic is under severe stress again just as federal and regional operators resolve the crisis in South Altai. Now the equally important gateway to Eurasia and Africa has been plunged into crisis as federal officials attempt to implement laws on polygamy in the muslim-majority region of the federation. Even state governors and legislators are joining many of the protestors as separatist elements foment unrest federal rule over the region.

The East Altai Federal District Governor has addressed citizens on state television urging calm, while also deploying federal security forces to protect life, liberty, and property. Unlike the protest in South Altai, Premier Pryzbyla is also personally en route to the region with members of the federal cabinet assuage the population. However federal officials have no intention of repealing the federal mandate for the region which is designed to support human rights and prevent males from dominating females through marriage. However officials are willing to impose requirements for polygamy like income requirements for spouses and children. This would ensure that even if polygamy was allowed in some form by lower jurisdictions they will adhere to strict quality of life standards.

No special federal development programs have been announced for East Altai due to the regions high development index. Although some steps to boost the consumer class will be taken, Parliament will vote on allocating 50 billion yei to East Altai annually to finance tax reductions for consumers to stimulate the economy and reduce reliance on the state sector. East Altai is still 500 billion yei short of reaching its federal growth target. South Altai only needs to expand by 200 billion to reach its target of 500 billion in economic output. The federal government already spends 200 billion on the South and East Altai Federal Districts, analyst have stated that North Altai taxpayers should brace for at least 7 more years of 'elevated' taxes to subsidize their fellow Altai overseas.

Pryzbyla for her part stated she was willing to bring the federal surplus to between 60B and 80B yei annually to maximize assistance to the other federal districts. She also announced a halt to additional defense hikes citing that the nation's strategic objectives have largely been met and that Altai neutrality and international protection against attack had been guaranteed via its substantial nuclear potential and credible deterrent power of its conventional defense forces.

RE: Altai Republic News and Information - Alexei B.Miller - 27.09.2020 14:34

(Saadeddine Othmani - Governor of East Altai)

East Altai's Governor Othmani says stability slowly returning to region

Casablanca, East Altai Federal Capital District

Governor Othmani today addressed the district urging residents to remain calm and to refrain from activities that threaten their fellow East Altai's life or livelihood. The governor announced a series of district level laws that will formally ask the federal government to repeal the ban on polygamy in the region. If the federal government declines this repeal, the district administration will not actively enforce the federal mandate.

The Governor also announced an economic development programme with ORMEC that will not see an exchange or transfer of energy resources. The program will actually see the district adminstration along with Algeria invest in projects in both regions that will be mutually beneficial to Algerians and East Altai residents. For example a high-speed rail connection will be created between the two regions, the two regions are also exploring opening more direct flights between them, a more promising co-investment will be in the field of research. A Maghreb Advanced Research Centre will be created to develop next generation solar panels, development of advanced energy transmission technology, high quality medical research, and the centre will focus on advanced new propulsion technology for NASA, and finally the centre will study new uses for oil and gas resources.

While this bright glimmer of cooperation between Altai and ORMEC gives hope, the Altai Federal Government backs AOG crusade to snatch market share from ORMEC. The move to throw global energy flows into chaos have benefited AOG and the Altai treasury during an unprecedented forced rebalancing by the AOG.

While it's true that ORMEC itself is the number one producer, the Altai Republic is the 3rd largest national producer and the number one exporter now due to its control over thr bulk of Gulf of Mexico energy supplies and onshore resources from the North and South Altai Federal Districts. The nations vaunted status as a top maritime power allows AOG to shift it's demand anywhere around the world.

AOG continues to lobby it's fellow western governments in Europe, North America, and parts of Africa and South America to muscle out ORMEC and block proposed pipelines from ORMEC on the basis of environmental damage. While this hasn't convinced many asian partners who depend on the energy rich and affordable volumes provided by ORMEC producers it has allowed the Altai Republic with a GDP about half of ORMECs to punch above its own weight.

Altai's move to limit foreign oil moving through its economic infrastructure has been a powerful move to blunt the power of ORMEC. Even mighty Khazzadum almost perfectly positioned to service asian markets is forced to go around the Vanama Canal due to disagreements over transit pricing for it's oil tankers. And due to the mutual agreement Arborea and Altai has for the Strait of Gihbrahlter both nations just agree to which foreign cargos can pass through their joint economic waters. Altai has routinely blocked ORMEC oil and gas carriers from transiting the passage halting supplies to Western and Northern Europe.

Initially, AOG had to only battle Helvetica for the European markets but the Helvetican unauthorized intervention forces our European partners to reconsider who their main energy supplies should come from. Naturally the Altai Oil and Gas group is the only company with the ability to ramp up volumes to Europe in case they refuse additional supplies from Helvetica due to its history of unauthorized military assaults.

Let us drink to Altai energy, the world's most reliable.

RE: Altai Republic News and Information - Alexei B.Miller - 30.09.2020 17:56

(Premier Pryzbyla meets with Altai Security Council)

Altai Security Council approves extraordinary measures to control civil unrest

Premier Tilda Pryzbyla, fighting to help the federal and state governors retain control over their territories approved the draft proposal by the security council to deploy security forces to South and East Altai. The proposal allows the federal government to use deadly force against protestors attacking state and private property. Of course, the provision doesn't nullify federal laws requiring policing forces to attempt to apply non-lethal civil control measures before resorting to deadly force.

The Altai Federal Republic seems to be experiencing a wave of unrest in every region aside from the North Federal District which houses the federal capital, and the vast majority of Altai economic output. However East and South Altai house about 60% of the nation's conventional and nuclear military potential. The loss of which would cause incalculable damage to Altai national security for which Gorno-Altaysk would have a limited response. The Security Council has advocated relocating as much of the nation's armed forces back to North Altai as possible to prevent Altai from becoming military irrelevant and vulnerable. There are plans that involve re-directing the federal billions spent in East and South Altai to restore the armed forces in the event of their collapse. Defense industry leaders are already creating redundant manufacturing capability within North Altai, and Gorno-Altaysk is prepared to sign an arms deal worth 50 billion with the Houston Pakt, and a deal worth 100 billion with Illusien to re-equip and re-arm the Altai Armed Forces.

For now elite battalions of federal troops will re-deploy to protect the Vanama Canal, Unity Highway, NASA sites, naval installations, and mothballed international structures in South Altai. In East Altai, the district governor has ordered national guard units to the eastern borders with Algeria to keep terror cells away from the cities he has also ordered critical LNG import terminals and the pipelines to the Trans Strait Tunnel be protected. The plan involves retaining control over key sites and settlements and not resisting the collapse of the rest of the territory. Security officials have the manpower to protect pockets and corridors in these regions to ensure limited federal control over the most important assets with a long-term objective of slowly re-expanding federal control over the entire territory.

Shares of AOG fell 5% on the news, the company depends on South Altai to ensure it can meet its production targets and heavily relies on East Altai to reinforce its control over European markets. AOG would be able to survive so long as federal forces continue to enforce its claims to South Altai EEZ, AOG can export directly to Europe via LNG/Oil tankers but the Security Council of Altai has given AOG guarantees that it will be able to retain control over its assets in South and East Altai as the federal government will deploy troops to protect its production, transportation, and refining infrastructure.

RE: Altai Republic News and Information - Alexei B.Miller - 01.10.2020 18:26

Gorno-Altaysk Picayune

Down but not out, Altai to overcome loss of South Altai

Today the citizens of the Altai Federal Republic mourn the loss of South Altai and the millions of citizens that failed to escape the failed state. The Federal Governor assassinated the local atomic stockpile turned against it's own people by radical cells in the military.

Thankfully, atleast some of the regions critical sites were shielded by naval forces deploying anti-missile batteries Vanama City, the canal, and some naval installations have survived the low-level nuclear onslaught. Gorno-Altaysk has deployed it's armed forces to administer healthcare to residents but unfortunately the level of radiation is no high outside of the protected regions that even the military cannot safely penetrate the zones to medivac survivors.

Premier Pryzbyla has declared a national emergency and ordered the regions borders sealed to prevent the spread of irradiated citizenry. The federal parliament has approved 30 billion in disaster funding and an additional 20 billion to help survivors establish themselves in either North or East Altai.

The loss of the nations hardly felt by financial markets now that its clarified that the nation retains control over the Vanama Canal, and the entirety of the offshore oil and gas production. However some onshore refineries have been knocked offline, AOG will write down those losses and redirect those oil flows to refineries in North Altai and even East Altai. However AOG will likely redirect excess supplies to Houston Pakt for refining and processing before exporting to out regular customer base. Nonetheless AOG will spend 5 billion yei to expand it's gulf coast refineries to accommodate the loss of refining capacity in South Altai.

Since South Altai will no longer be the recipient of 150 billion in federal aid annually. Those funds will be redirected to North Altai taxpayers in the form of a 75bn tax cut and a 75bn increase in state spending primarily on the armed forces. The Security Council has recommended increasing the North Altai's Military Districts force count to 1.1 million troops, nearly double the current count. East Altai will also double their troop count to over 700k troops. However both increases are set to take roughly 5 years and may be revised based on the international security landscape.

RE: Altai Republic News and Information - Alexei B.Miller - 12.10.2020 21:29

(Viktoras Pranckietis - Speaker of the Altai Parliament)

Altai Parliament approves Confederal Union with Arborea

Gorno-Altaysk, Altai Federal Capital District

The Altai National Parliament has approved the federal government's law for the Confederal Union with Arborea. The law approves the transfer of some federal powers in the areas of foreign affairs, economy, state borders, and security. A secondary law which has also been approved by parliament approves the alteration of the Altai Federal Republic's domestic constitution. The changes re-organizes the laws to strengthen federal control over areas now governed by Confederal Union since the Altai Federal Government will now be responsible for executing the laws issued by confederal authorities.

Altai has agreed for Arborea to house the Confederal Parliament and Supreme Court. The North Altai Federal District will house the Confederations Presidency and Confederal Cabinet facilities. Further, Arborea agrees to join NASA although not geographically apart of North America. In other areas, the two nations have agreed to harmonize in areas even outside the legally agreed areas of confederal compliance.

The major changes mean that Altai although already legally impossible, can no longer declare wars of aggression on its own. The nation must completely integrate its economy with Arborea, and control over state borders is now being handed off to the confederal government. The leaders of the Altai Republic and Arborea have agreed to further integration both legally and informally. Lastly, the two nations Armed Forces remain distinct but a confederal mutual security cooperation on integrating the strategic military command and control. This essentially means that the over 1 million man Altai Armed Forces will be developed not only along national needs but confederal needs. Parliament has approved an additional 15 billion yei to help reorient the Armed Forces logistical development toward reinforcing Arborea.

The Altai Oil and Gas Group has begun lobbying confederal lawmakers to grant the company control over Arborea's oil and gas deposits. The consolidation of these deposits will allow AOGG to better supply european energy markets with all taxes from the extraction and sale of these resources still going to the Arborean government. AOGG is also lobbying Arborean officials to gain an exemption from the nations strict environmental laws, AOGG requires permits to conduct business in the state that will make it impossible to reliably produce oil and gas at scale. AOGG is requesting these permits be suspended.

RE: Altai Republic News and Information - Alexei B.Miller - 19.10.2020 16:32

(Tilda Pryzbyla - Federal Premier of the Altai Republic)

Altai launches 500bn yei Rearmaments Program

"Altai will ensure it remains a reliable partner within the Atlantic Pact" - Pryzbyla

The Altai Federal Republic having lost 64% of its territory due to the collapse of East, South, and Neu South Altai. The world's most prominent neutral nation having been reduced to its original territorial delineation; the nation does control important ports and some major coastal cities and even a handful of interior installations critical to its military and scientific potential. The collapse of its outer territories has cost the nation 50% of its conventional military strength and 66% of its nuclear potential.

Despite these setbacks, the federal government and the remaining 7 states in the former North Altai Federal District (now just Altai) has powering ahead with a massive 500bn yei rearmament program to restore the conventional military strength of the country. The largest items on the Defense Ministry wish list are expanded naval ports on the Gulf and Atlantic sides of the Phlorida Penninsula, beefed up and longer airfields to transport new and larger transport craft and air tankers, automated naval and air resources, and a the creation of a Space Force for Altai new reliance on integrated weapon systems.

The MoD has contracted its traditional partners VIKI and Texas for the creation of its new dronecraft that will be powered by Texas latest generation energy systems. The MOD is also launching a joint design on amphibious attack craft with Illusien; the remaining ventures will be collaboration with the Arborean defense industry as the two nations continue integrating their armed forces into a single joint command.

The Altai Federal Republic has announced that it will spend 500bn yei over a 10 year period to bring its armed forces to two million personnel. The MoD hopes to permanently man the armed forces with up to 300,000 combat automatons jointly designed by VIKI and the Altai National Defense Warmind Jenson. Jenson will also design the automated factories that will create the line of combat droids with an annual production capacity of up to 50,000 units. Altai and VIKI are working intensely to modernize the Altai Armed Forces, but the government insist that only up to 30% of the combat forces will be replaced with automated systems and that human controllers will have the power to veto AI-drive military decisions.

Lastly, as a neutral power the MOD plans to spend 67bn yei of the total figure on humanitarian activities. This includes expanding the fleet of hospital ships, and civilian evacuation transports. This was a critical lesson learned during the collapse of South Altai when millions had to be evacuated from the nuclear wasteland and when citizens outside of the East Altai coastal greenzone decided to relocated to North Altai and Arborea.

The massive nearly 1.5 trillion yei fiscal reserves of the Altai Federal Government will allow the project to be financed without issues and while still pursing the federal governments aggressive development program. The highly successful economic development program has already replaced the loss of GDP from East Altai meaning that the nation has not fallen back in its global economic status (outside gross exports which declined 12% with the collapse of East Altai) but consumer spending and government spending actually means that the economy expanded at a net 3% last year. This year GDP growth is expected to nearly double.

RE: Altai Republic News and Information - Alexei B.Miller - 23.10.2020 19:46

(Von der Leyen arrives to East Altai to inspect troops, boost morale)

Altai Defense Minister travels to East Altai, demands the surrender of Al-Jaboob forces

West Nadalia State, East Altai Federal District

The as the plane of the Altai Defense Minister touches down in the combat zone of her forces. A large formation of interceptors met by a dozen heavy transport helicopters begin releasing chaff and anti-missile measures during the most vulnerable part of the ministers trip....the landing.

Out from the bulletproof government planes door streaks out the Altai Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen with her team of security and intelligence officials to met the Governor of West Nadalia State and his administration and the Adjunct General responsible for the State's National Guard Corp and the commanding officials of the federal liberation effort in the region.

As the minister and the regional officials proceed through the local regional airport turned military airfield, alarms blare as dozens of incoming kamikaze drones barrel towards the airfield receiving the high-level delegation. The Minister who has a large security contingent with her is actually directly protected by her high-level security and intelligence directors with the collective security team quickly ushering them into the airport.

Altai air-defense batteries and the accompanying interceptors spring into action immediately. The airwing escort of 12 fighters circle around and immediately fire off scores of missiles towards the attacking drone fleet, while ground based short range batteries light up the local airspace with bullets and missiles carefully calibrated and coordinated to not hit the friendly fighters in the sky as well.

In the distance...explosions can be heard... the attack successfully repelled but Altai forces remain at a painfully high level of readiness determined to not allow the terrorist cabal to assassinate the defense minister and her high-profile cadre. Ms. Von der Leyen now secured orders return fire and within moments reporters looking at the tall glass panes of the regional airport reported seeing dozens of attack helicopters buzzing off towards the estimated launch point of the drones, supported by their own drones, and several transport helicopters with elite marines.

The response team is only but a small portion of the task force assigned in the East Altai state and will not comprise the safety of the minister. The minister is actually here to announce a troop surge in the region.

"Today we announce that although we've regained around 27% of the occupied regions and estimate that the current force structure can complete this mission. Gorno-Altaysk is not going to take any chances. We announce a troop surge of 100,000 more troops within the next 2 days; and that an additional 50k troops will be garrisoned in Arborea for rapid response in the stubborn mountain regions.

We also announce that we are activating our stores of surplus military equipment in the Vanama Canal zone and will be transporting additional air defense weaponry behind the line of control to prevent additional attacks on civilians by exploiting gaps in the no-fly zone we've established in the region. We are partnering with VIKI's most advanced networks and giving them satellite access to monitor the entirety of the Line of Control and the larger combat region. VIKI's data will be fed to commanders to alert them to when enemy combatants have breached the line of control and VIKI will suggest a combat solution to commanders."

The Minister brushed aside criticism of the use of VIKI, aggressively reminding them that VIKI remains a long-time partner and friend of the Altai Republic and that the MoD will use all tools available to protect soldiers and civilians wherever possible. The Minister reminded that VIKI has sensitive commercial and scientific operations in East Altai as well as scores of autonomous androids in the region it wishes to protect. This operation will determine if VIKI and Altai will continue this form of military cooperation and maybe even expand it.

RE: Altai Republic News and Information - Alexei B.Miller - 29.10.2020 23:57

Press Release - Ministry of Defense

The Altai Ministry of Defense is working to conclude a base sharing agreement with VIKI in the Indian Ocean. The agreement will allow Altai to share it's naval infrastructure in the region and will allow Altai to develop its own naval bases in the region to counter the growing threat from ORMEC.

Altai is interested only in developing nuclear submarine bases to ensure it can properly enforce what we predict will be internationally mandated interdiction of ORMEC commerical shipping. The submarines will also carry nuclear warheads to further disperse the much smaller Altai Armed Forces compared to ORMEC however Altai's significantly more advanced technology gives it a tremendous edge of the numerically superior ORMEC Armed Forces.

The MOD confirms that it will launch additional spy satellites to watch ORMEC Armed Forces. These satellites will be resistant to interference and will be able to deploy drone satellites to sabotage enemy satellites in orbit. This comes on top of the 500bn Yei State Armaments Program designed to enhance the combat readiness of the Altai Armed Forces.

MoD plans aim to suppress Khazzadums defenses while forward deployed forces in the Mediterranean intercept reinforcements from Greater ORMEC. Our planned outpost in VIKIs African Submodems will be used to intercept ORMEC reinforcements travelling from the South of Africa. Naturally the larger, and still expanding Altai Navy will essentially blockage the South and South Atlantic to screen additional reinforcements that slip past the Strait of Gihbrahlter or the Indian Ocean.

Khazzadum the lonely and extremely isolated capital of the ORMEC is extremely vulnerable and should tread lightly when threatening the progeny of the Altai Empire. Remember that it is Emperor Balthur Regnus IV that granted the territories now considered Khazzadum freedom from former Altai domination. The Altai Federal Republic would gladly welcome if the people of Khazzadum demanded reunification with their historic motherland..... Altai.

RE: Altai Republic News and Information - Alexei B.Miller - 30.10.2020 02:01

Press Release - Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Altai calls for Atlantic Pact, Houston, Pact, VIKI, Federal Union, and Confederacy's defensive arms build-up to prevent ORMEC adventurism

The neutral Altai Republic calls for the world's major powers to develop their military potential for the maintenance of global security. Today the Altai Republic received a rather pointed threat from the out of control and aggressive ORMEC.

The Altai Federal Republic reminds the great nations of their obligation to uphold the territorial integrity of our nation. Altai is the bearer of the international bodies, the steward of the courts, and the world's largest provider of humanitarian relief.

This is why it's unfortunate that ORMEC which refuses to accept it's legal punishment for it's non-recognition of our territory and it's illegal assertion that IT now controls the Vanama Canal.... a Freudian slip of Khazzadums plans to annex the region? Now ORMEC pushes maps which obviously cannot show the territorial delineation of our fractured territory in the region.

Altai which is currently fighting a war of self defense in East Altai is now being forced to direct precious resources to its vulnerable southern flank against a powerful land army from Khazzadum.... mouth watering at the chance to control the world's two major commercial passageways. It is only Altai that provides passage to all nations, rather than ORMEC which has recently flatly banned the neutral nation of Altai from ever using the increasingly defunct Suez Canal.

For fear of penalty against the once powerful ORMEC, Altai promises increases energy discounts for it's security backers. We also announce that the Altai Sovereign Wealth Fund will direct 100bn Yei towards developing overland trade routes to reduce the reliance on the Suez. We will also grant reduced pricing to transit the Vanama Canal and the Strait of Gihbrahlter.

The Altai Republic urges the international community to react aggressive to the ORMEC menace. Impose sanctions on ORMEC for it's unruly behavior towards the Protector of the Worlds Bodies.

RE: Altai Republic News and Information - Alexei B.Miller - 02.11.2020 22:25

(Altai Supreme Court Building)

Altai Supreme Court upholds lower court ruling allowing federal and sub-national authorities to sue ORMEC for damages in domestic courts

ORMEC lawyers were handed a sound defeat when the Altai Supreme Court declined an appeal from the ORMEC Embassy requesting it to strike down a lower court decision allowing the Altai Federal Government and sub-national entities to sue ORMEC. The lower court ruling now opens up the possibility of the few hundred billion yei of ORMEC assets impounded by Altai authorities for liquidation in potential lawsuits.

The Supreme Court did not issue an opinion on the matter only stating that it felt the lower court ruling was consistent with the state's obligation to remedy damages caused against her citizens against entities foreign and domestic. The Supreme Court's brief statement further insisted that the right to sue doesn't mean that the right to a fair trial would be thrown out the window even against other states. The Supreme Economic Court would be the final court of appeal for cases brought against ORMEC within the Altai Republic. The Altai Federal Government has stated it would ask Parliament to pass a law barring domestic law firms from representing foreign governments in cases against any level of government within the Altai Republic. The federal government did state that it would allow special visas to be issued to foreign law firms that represent ORMEC or any other state plaintiff within Altai courts. ORMEC Int'l diplomats are still barred from pursuing activities not directly related to the bodies of international government as per Foreign Ministry decree 7113 with that statutory authority derived from the HAMMERS Act.

RE: Altai Republic News and Information - Alexei B.Miller - 04.11.2020 20:43

(Viktoras Pranckietis - Speaker of the Altai Parliament)

Altai Parliament approves HAMMERS Act exemptions for Agypten, and Arabien

The Altai Parliament has approved a request from the Foreign Ministry to grant exemptions from the HAMMERS Act unto Illusien provinces Agypten which remains a major non-oil trading partner of the Altai Republic and Arabien. The exemptions will allow these nations cargo vessels to transit Altai waterways without hindrance and at normalized transit rates.

HAMMERS Act exemptions are conditional that these nations do not render aid to the remaining sanctioned ORMEC states. For example, Agypten and Arabien vessels will not be permitted to transport goods from the remaining sanctioned ORMEC states through Altai waters; these vessels will be allowed to pass through our waters only to reach non-ORMEC ports of call.

This exemption will be valid for a period of 60 days; after which the exemptions will be renewed based on the progression of diplomatic relations made with the Government of Illusien. Altai has aggressively pursued stronger relations with its northern neighbors in Illusien and hope that this measure of good faith will only be the tip of the iceberg. The Altai Government is paying for the full renovation and restoration of the Illusien - Altai Cultural and Cooperation Centre; after the upgrades are made. A summit of Altai and Illusien leaders will be held; AOG executives are rumored to be seeking MAJOR deals to develop Agypten and Arabien oil and gas fields. AOG has boasted that it can increase output in these regions by 12% within two years. This measure would indirectly grant Altai influence in ORMEC decision making bodies and thus opening the door to a potential resolution to the Altai - ORMEC Energy War.

RE: Altai Republic News and Information - Alexei B.Miller - 09.11.2020 17:29

(Federal State of East Texas Commercial Court - Altai Oil and Gas Group v State of Khazzadum)

AOG files lawsuit against ORMEC's Khazzadum in East Texas Commercial Court

The Altai Oil and Gas Group a subsidiary of Altai Energy Corporation which controls all energy production, refining, transportation, and marketing of Altai sourced fuel has launched a massive legal claim against the Government of Khazzadum. AOG has accused Khazzadum as the head of ORMEC as manipulating the waning energy blocs relationship with AOG and has caused economic damages totaling 30bn yei in lost sales.

AOG is requesting that Khazzadum be ordered to compensate AOG for the claimed damages. AOG is also demanding Khazzadum relinquish its control over ORMEC and end the obstructive policies against the Altai Republic and the AOG which has come out ahead of the protracted trade war with AOG. The ORMEC triggered trade battle has resulted in trillions in state revenue for the Altai Republic as Altai implemented an aggressive sanctions regime that choked off ORMEC supplies from lucrative regions. ORMEC's volumes are only now increasing in North America due to the relaxation of sanctions against Egypt and Arabien which are autonomous overseas territories of Illusien. Otherwise, ORMEC has been completely removed from Europe and its fighting for its life to maintain its dominance in Asia.

The Altai Ministry of Finance is also considering a lawsuit worth 237bn yei as it claims this has been the total loss to the treasury from the deep discounts Altai issued as apart of the sanctions regime against ORMEC. The MoF has told reporters it would not move forward with the lawsuit if ORMEC either settles out of court for a smaller sum or the ORMEC - Altai Civil Accords are signed and implemented.

In other news, the East Altai Federal District is beginning to shrug off the effects of counter-sanctions from ORMEC. The region used to receive billions annually from ORMEC tourism and investment, but the Atlantic Pact Union with Arborea and the massive investment and trade now available to its and the subsequent free trade access to Europe is helping to lift the region out of economic stagnation. Gorno-Altaysk grants the region hundreds of billions of assistance annually with most assistance coming in the form of an 85bn yei grant directly from the federal budget. The region is expected to surpass the post-conflict GDP mark of 1 trillion yei soon. Gorno-Altaysk is considering approving an even larger 120bn yei package annually to fuel a 35bn district-level tax cut and state investment plan.

RE: Altai Republic News and Information - Alexei B.Miller - 17.11.2020 02:34

Press Release - Altai Federal Ministry of Energy

Altai implements phased approach to nuclear reduction

North Altai Federal District residents voted in a referendum to phase out nuclear power in the region. To implement the will of the citizenry the government has crafted a plan to reduce its nuclear sector while reliably generating the nation's power needs.

1. Altom Nuclear Corporation will determine which of its fleet of 37 nuclear stations can be shut down. The government will not fully dismantle the industry prematurely but will reduce the total units operating while canceling plans for new plants.

2. Altai Oil and Gas will coordinate with ANC to determine which regions of the country will need to have their energy supplies replaced by gas sources. AOG will subsequently build up generation capacity in the region before the planned plant shut down.

3. The Altai Federal Government will boost spending for alternative energy to eventually begin a targeted phase-out of natural gas from the residential sectors. Natural gas infrastructure impacted by the loss of residential use will be converted to use green hydrogen for heating homes.

4. The government will begin funding geothermal power generation schemes on a mass scale to power cities during non-optimal power generation interval for renewables. This will be a long-term power generation method until the Altai government develops its own domestic fusion technology.

It's to be noted that the Altai Republic is not going nuclear-free. It will retain and even it's expanding its atomic weapons arsenal. It will retain research reactors for various civil and military purposes. Military nuclear reactors for instance on submarines and carriers will remain. Altai will also continue to contribute nuclear-powered energy solutions to NASA projects. Currently, Altai is preparing to introduce nuclear-powered propulsion to space-faring missions. Further, East Altai did not conduct a referendum and as of now will retain its current fleet of 9 nuclear power plants.

RE: Altai Republic News and Information - Alexei B.Miller - 17.11.2020 20:17

(Kais Saied - Governor of East Altai Federal District)

Newly appointed district governor vows to stamp out corruption, reduce crime in East Altai

Casablanca - The newly appointed Governor of the East Altai Federal District issued a statement thanking Premier Pryzbyla for her appointment and the National Parliament for the swift confirmation. The governor thanked his predecessor for the massive improvements made to East Altai during his difficult tenure; as the former governor battled two mass terror events with the latter event being accompanied with the near loss if the districts territorial integrity before federal forces moved in a swept aside Al-Jaboobist forces.

Now with billions in new federal spending being directed to East Altai, and the massive economic improvements at the end of his predecessors tenure. Governor Saied is preparing to make aggressive changes that ensure the sustainability of the governments recent achievements. With about 50bn yei left to cut in corrupt spending, the district government is preparing to achieve a 45bn annual budget surplus. This still leaves the region -40 billion in red when considering net federal expenditures. However, the new administration believes that using the vast power of the District Governorship it can press the State Governors to more aggressively root out crime while being backed by district level law enforcement resources.

More importantly, the new governor is creating a new judicial agency that monitors the state level crime statistics as well as court statistics. If the district level agency feels that state level courts are too lenient on potentially dangerous criminals, district level prosecutors can appeal the state court decision over to district level courts more proactively. This ensure that while state's retain their sovereignty in their respective competencies, the district level agency can protect the public good.

Further, before additional and massive new economic stimulus is unleashed. The district level government will be transferring the money saved from reducing corrupt projects in the region to the district level judicial budget. Of the 50bn expected to be saved 10 to 15bn in those savings will be directed to law enforcement agencies in the region. 5bn will go to education, 3 billion will go to improving the administration as well as increasing public salaries. The remaining 27 billion in savings will be directed to tax cuts (10bn worth of income tax cuts) and 17 billion in new economic spending. Not including the massive 60bn in new deficit spending that will triggered shortly after to upgrade the regions independently maintained atomic arsenal.

Experts have pointed out that East Altai has not reached its economic potential due to endemic corruption at nearly all levels of government in the region. The key to drawing in investment outside of domestic credit will be to whip corruption away and strengthen the rule of law. East Altai officials have long desired to become the bustling center of the Southern Mediterranean/ African-Asia Minor economy despite controlling the Strait of Gibraltar together with northern ally Arborea. Combined with blistering sanctions from ORMEC the region's economic dreams have been dashed even with massive federal support. As the regions 4th largest economy, officials hope to fend off growing economic competition from Serin and potentially beat out Libya as the regions 3rd largest economy although the Libyan economy which pales in comparison to the larger Altai economy is 3 times larger than East Altai's and equally working hard to retain and expand its own economic position.

East Altai officials have been a huge influence on federal officials to reduce or halt the massive sanctions blow on ORMEC. The North Altai Federal District which houses the federal capital has not been impacted by sanctions and has even seen its economy aggressively increase as a result. East Altai as already mentioned has seen its economy grow but at a much sluggish and inconsistent rate was fueled primarily by federal efforts. Unemployment in the region is trending lower finally, and macroeconomic indicators are improving slowly as well. Only time will tell if East Altai's economic dominance is resultant from the continuing collapse of ORMEC or its own economic prowess.

RE: Altai Republic News and Information - Alexei B.Miller - 18.11.2020 18:54

(Viktoras Pranckietis - Speaker of the Altai Parliament)

Altai National Parliament approves sweeping new powers for East Altai Federal Governor

Gorno-Altaysk - The Altai National Parliament has approved a request by the government to increase the executive powers of the East Altai Federal Governor. The new powers grant the Governor the power to rule by decree on administrative laws, the governor will still need to negotiate with the district legislature on budget amendments and cabinet and judicial appointments. The new law also removes the ability of states to remove a federal governor via a 2/3 majority vote of the state legislatures in the district. Finally, the law grants an emergency provision to suspend executive elections in the district at the state-level. The new scheme will require state-level parliaments to submit their advised appointments to the state executive office to the Office of the Federal Governor for approval (with district legislature approval), if these are rejected by the district administration. They will then submit up to 3 candidates for approval by the state legislature. If the state level legislature rejects all candidates from the district level administration then the state level highest level parliamentarian will become state executive and the state parliament will back fill positions in accordance with their local laws.

The new law was passed unanimously by the federal parliament as last quarter another attempt was made to overthrow the district government. This is even as public discontent has reached historic lows, and the regions macro-economic indicators have largely stabilized. The federal government is entrusting the federal governor with major powers to stabilize the region and return it to growth. East Altai was poised to become a regional economic heavyweight, now the tough reforms needed to return to that possibility will be carried out by the new governor.

The sweeping new powers add pressure to the district administration to produce results. There will be less reason to attribute failure to the interference of state level political bosses obstructing the district governments initiatives. East Altai's subnational governments will largely be considered as extensions of the federal government itself. Although, there's nothing to say that the region's federal delegations in the National Parliament may not attempt to have the powers reduced or removed if pressured by their constituents. The East Altai Parliamentary Delegation have voted in favor of the measure because they understand its crucial to ensuring statehood over the region itself...period. Otherwise the region could easily fall apart again, and North Altai elites have not interest in continuing to spend trillions propping up the trouble region if it collapses again despite its major strategic importance to the federal government.

RE: Altai Republic News and Information - Alexei B.Miller - 25.11.2020 21:29

(Altai Minister of Defense, Ursula Von der Leyen)

MoD requests budget doubled over next 4 years

Gorno-Altaysk - The Altai Minister of Defense met groans from MPs as she personally lobbied lawmakers for increased defense funds over the next four years. The MoD has complained that it has lost critical combat capability that must be restored to safeguard Altai national security interest. The Minister further argued that even though it remains neutral and protected by int'l powers, Altai must strive to continue maintaining a well-armed and modernized professional force. The over 2 million man force is also split between an ocean and two continents is currently designed to operate mostly independently of one another (aside from the South Altai Military District). The request for 234bn yei in additional defense spending comes to 59bn in additional defense spending annually which the Altai economy can easily support as it experiences record growth and lower than expected inflation.

Lawmakers on the other hand have stated that they'd rather reduce taxes on businesses than issue new funds to the government. MP Heinrich Loughton Chairman of the Lower House Foreign Affairs Committee argued that the additional funds should be transferred to the foreign ministry for international cooperation and development rather than hard military power. Naturally, a balance is to be struck between the armed forces, beefing up the foreign ministry's budget, and retaining the government's prized surplus and a massive pile of foreign exchange reserves.

RE: Altai Republic News and Information - Alexei B.Miller - Today 02:25

(Christine Lagarde - President of the Altai National Bank)

Investors flock to Yei denominated assets as the global economy shows signs of weakness

"The Altai National Bank is taking significant steps to avoid recessionary contagion spreading to Altai" - ANB's Lagarde

Gorno-Altaysk - The global economy is under severe stress, nations collapsing due to social upheaval dragging down critical supply chains with them placing additional stress on the nations that depend on them. That's what's happening today, while North America has been devastated by this trend it's remaining nations are relatively unscathed. Altai has been preparing for this day, the day it's National A.I. Jensen warned policymakers about.

For years, the ANB and the Finance Ministry have been aggressively building the nations fiscal reserves from Altai oil and gas sales. The over 4 trillion yei fund will help to ensure that the nation can endure the ongoing global depression and emerge more independent and self-reliant. In the latest budget session on parliament Christine Lagarde urged parliament to pass a sweeping stimulus bill to ensure that the national economy can avoid most symptoms of the contagion spreading across the world. The ANB Chief urged parliament to fund massive subsidies to ensure the economy can function independently if the nation's we've identified as likely to collapse next will not impede our ability to provide for our citizens. The ANB Chief also recommended that the government increase it funding for advanced farming structures that can help feed Altai's massive urban populations in the unlikely event Illusien collapses and Altai is left without 17% of its food imports. The goal should be to develop the capacity to completely replace imports but not deprive nations who haven't collapsed the opportunity to earn income from the Altai market.

The ANB Chief further urged to parliament to be prepared to increase funding to East Altai by an additional 50 to 100bn yei annually. The District Legislature recently passed a budget supported by federal funds that will help boost the district's economy to over 2 trillion but additional support will be needed to sustain that growth as officials combat the massive unemployment in the region. The ANB has identified the tremendous unemployment as the regions largest threat. Naturally losing East Altai would be a blow to the nation's security, but Arborea is also showing some signs of stress due to its massive deficit.

Mrs. Lagarde went into further detail with Arborea. The allied nations pensions programs were totally bloated and pensions program needed to be reduced by 42% and she also recommended reducing the nation's defense budget to 600bn to help plug the massive budget deficit. She recommended the government take serious steps at meaningful fiscal consolidation including raising taxes. The ANB and the Atlantic Bank completely lack the resources to help Arborea combat its fiscal woes. The ANB recognizes that there is also no political will to bail out nations with Altai's reserves that took years to accumulate.

Mrs. Lagarde carefully explained that Altai strategy with its reserves was to tap reserves whenever it was forced to take drastic steps to shield the national economy from tanking. This could be supporting social payments, or backing state or private investments strategic in nature that will support the economy, finally and most likely the reserves will be used to finance temporary tax reductions to support extended economic growth. The ANB's reserves accumulation target is 25% of GDP the current total bring it to over 15% of GDP which is sufficient to survive a large recession but could completely deplete reserves depending on the type of recession.

Ms. Lagarde finally urged parliament to block off up to 6% of reserves for emergency international economic assistance. At the present time, this would be approximately 240bn yei being set aside to help stabilize international markets. Arborea would not be included in this total as the Atlantic Bank has nearly 1 trillion AR$ in firepower to prepared to be deployed to fend off a limited financial meltdown in Arborea. She further underwrote the government's request to completely repeal all sanctions against ORMEC as they were not considered counterproductive and that Altai should immediately begin establishing relationships with suppliers in ORMEC and investing in ORMEC projects to help protect ORMEC's remaining nations. Previously parliament hawks sabotaged the governments' attempts to finish removing HAMMERS Act sanctions on ORMEC. Now Mrs. Lagarde has appealed directly to Speaker to bring the resolution to the floor and urge his parliamentary faction to support the bill. Renewed trade with ORMEC has the potential to add an additional 2.3% to GDP over the next 7 years due to a surge of cross border investment. Not to mention East Altai could be the center of ORMEC's investment activity within the Federal Republic thus reducing the regions massive unemployment.