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Demographic issue. - SidneyPrescott - 23.03.2021 11:33

IMorgan, Usa Template. The idea was to maintain population to obtain more Gdp and Capital.
Then, improve Health and life expectancy and compensate with less Birthrate and more productivity (and more apprentices/pensioners to employable persons).
For that, I choose tasks for control birthrate and only qualified immigrants.
All according to the plan, population ok, very low unemployment and great per capita. Then...

RE: Demographic issue. - RealCyrusol - 23.03.2021 11:45

Then what?

RE: Demographic issue. - SidneyPrescott - 23.03.2021 11:57

Labour market appeared. I did not think it was so flexible and the jobs offers grow so much.
Now, the population grows more than others states. Morgan has a very nice and qualified employees, low kids and healthy people. These employees pay taxes, increases Wealth and Well-being, but it will be a future problem.
These people didn't consumed as kids, and they are close to retirement. When they retired, we need more population to sustain it.
The question is: How to control population growth and/or control the labour market?

RE: Demographic issue. - RealCyrusol - 23.03.2021 16:39

Population growth: mostly through tasks. Budget decisions only have a small impact on the birthrate.

Same for pensioners. There are some tasks that may influence the lifespan tremendously. Though you could increase the budget for health, environment and the pensions so that aggregate demand keeps up.

All that said your birthrate is relatively high (1.7-something %). I think you will end up with enough consumers in the end.

I would not try to mingle with the labour market. Full employment isn't necessarily a bad thing. Especially considering the automation you will undoubtedly get and the high investments you already have.

RE: Demographic issue. - SidneyPrescott - 23.03.2021 17:38

Target: Lowering Population
Job market only to cover national employees.

Sorry, i had not expressed very clearly. The resources are limited, we dont need more people. The goal is preserve the environment raising the quality of live.

RE: Demographic issue. - RealCyrusol - 25.03.2021 19:34

I'm not sure the assumption of resources being limited holds true within Ars Regendi.

Anyways, there isn't really much to make you have fewer people.
The best thing to do immediately is to do the Great Wall project while solving tasks in order to reduce immigration.

For reducing pensioners there is a task for assisted dying where you can select an option that people can attend certain centers and pay for a death with dignity. I got that in my GDR template state and it lowered life expectancy from 78 years to 74 years and about 50 quarters later I have about 600k (or 15%) fewer pensioners than the average.

For reducing growth rate I don't really know any specific tasks.

RE: Demographic issue. - alucca - 26.03.2021 02:54

Then we should have policies on population limits, applicable to each family, restricting births, many countries have applied and succeeded. This will stabilize the population and improve socioeconomic.

RE: Demographic issue. - SidneyPrescott - 26.03.2021 12:00

I took that policies, and have 20 milions less kids than others nations. For a time, it worked.
But now, we have +15k of qualified employees through immigration and nobody would leave the country. And wealth is better and better.
The problem is in the middle and i don't see a solution.

RealCyrusol : In that task, i choose "free to live, free to die" and had similar results.
And Great Wall is not fair, the problem is not that immigrants come to Morgan, the question is we offer too many jobs.
In any case, thanks for the advice.