Quadrilateral Union Parliament

World Leader Ruslan Volodin has resolved to issue FULL recognition of the Quadrilateral Union and its Executive Council and Parliament as the guiding institution to head global affairs. As such World Leader Volodin revokes recognition of the entire UN organization and considers prior rulings and authorizations subject to the renewal or re-authorization by the Quadrilateral Union and its constituent governing bodies and authorities. This takes place with immediate effect.

World Leader Volodin invites ALL nations and alliances to take part of the QU of which the Neutral Bloc, Versailles Pact, Essen Union, and Qina currently compose the Executive Council and their constituent member states comprising the Parliament with the addition of Ruthenia and her constituent states being "associated states" of the QU with full voting rights on non-military issues and the Ruthenian Head of States with full non-military voting rights in the Executive Council due to their "associated" status.

World Leader Volodin will soon begin talks with the Romer Pakt to secure its full participation in the new club of nations as well as the pursuit of the valued and appreciated alliance Likedeeler as well as all nations apart of the former and now defunct United Nations.

Long Live our Illustrious Union! Long last peace and prosperity to the Nations of Essen!