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May I humbly suggest that the message popup after the regent starts a health regimen be changed? Currently it is;

You go into rehab.

For years I always giggled a bit each time and imagined my regent being a hard core alcoholic or possibly a junkie. I think most english speakers (in US at least) immediately associate rehab with a substance abuse issue.

For your consideration;

You begin a health regimen.

You enter a convalescent center.

You become a raw food vegan and avoid gluten.

You start going to yoga and practice Tai Chi in the park.

You have all McDonalds within a 50km radius of the capital demolished.

You put down your device and go outside.

Thank you.

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11.02.2017 19:12
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RE: Regimen

Hehe I like your suggestions, Burkean. It should be multiple choice, and the game should pick one at random every time you implement regimen.
13.02.2017 09:38
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