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rent Index

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Novgorod II
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rent Index

(This applies to my stated Novgorod II)
There was this one task called rent index that gave me 3 options. Here they are summarized.
1. deregulate rent control tenant system
2. Keep it the same
3. Add stricter rent control.

I went with option one since I knew from research that rent controls reduce long term affordability and reduce investment in housing. However, ever since implementing that decision in one in game year (4 quarters) my inflation has been high. Now, I know my housing prices can't continue jumping up like this forever, but I am wondering at what point the housing prices will stop rising since I took this decision to increase long term affordability. For your information, for every quarter since my inflation was 4.65%, 1.3%, 1.4% and 4.15%, while my gdp growth was 2.63%, .4%, .73%, and 2.56% respectively. Do you think the housing prices will continue to increase for a while and that was a bad decision or I just need to wait the inflation out?

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09.10.2020 02:53
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RE: rent Index

Most tasks have short-term effects. You can wait this out.

10.10.2020 06:19
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