Reputation Report for Helsworth

Total Reputation: 146
Positives: 156
Neutrals: 7
Negatives: 11
  Positives Neutrals Negatives
Last week 0 0 0
Last month 0 0 0
Last 6 months 0 0 0
MrProper (221) - Last updated 27.02.2018, 21:28

Positive: Hope he'll be back some day!
Guest () - Last updated 11.04.2017, 22:47

Negative: I believe he is deleting my post/comments in the forums. He is afraid of my criticisms and rhetorical questions, for some reason. Moreover, he seems to take my obviously satirical statements as my own factual opinion...
Guest () - Last updated 22.09.2016, 12:15

Positive: For his contributions
Guest () - Last updated 20.07.2016, 21:41

Positive: Mitglied der DCLG in Gotham
MrProper (221) - Last updated 21.05.2016, 17:40

Positive: I do not think he deserved the recent negative votes. For Hell-he's-worth it.
Guest () - Last updated 14.05.2016, 14:13

Positive: What a bummer! Cyrene has just recovered. Sad
Alexei B.Miller (74) - Last updated 26.04.2016, 01:00

Negative: Plotted against Ros'Gaz Union in Gotham, very unlike you to plot against me Helsworth.
Guest () - Last updated 24.04.2016, 18:17

Positive: What can I say? Me and him agree on nothing when it comes to politics, but still we came together in World Gotham to conquer the world. It goes to show that thoughts and ideas may be different, but a combined effort is always possible!
Skit (33) - Last updated 09.04.2016, 23:37

Positive: Thanks for your help in Gotham! Valuable Member of the DCLG.
TheLastShah (200) - Last updated 06.02.2016, 19:08

Positive: Keeps us updated with fascinating stuff from politics, society and economics! Thank you so much Eyes
Guest () - Last updated 13.01.2016, 17:28

Positive: For his insight into the monetary of effects of wealth distribution.
Lord Alexander (61) - Last updated 11.11.2015, 16:25

Neutral: You cannot claim that your dispute with Rising Phoenix had nothing to do with Keynesianism because you have brought up the topic of Chartalism in the context of that dispute! And in the modern times Chartalism became inseparable from Keynesianism.
Lord Alexander (61) - Last updated 10.11.2015, 15:12

Negative: Your wordy crusades against everything incompatible with your version of Keynesianism scare away more people than they attract. I am unhappy that your aggressiveness has driven out Rising Phoenix.
Alexei B.Miller (74) - Last updated 04.11.2015, 17:47

Positive: Don't you miss me babe?
Guest () - Last updated 21.10.2015, 11:04

Positive: Seems to be a nice guy.
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