Yet another of the NRA’s “responsible gun owners” managed to be “responsible” for shooting people after he “accidentally” dropped his weapon in a Cracker Barrel restaurant in Florida. Though some in America advocate for unrestrained, unregulated gun ownership, a restaurant patron who was in fully legal possession of his weapon demonstrated that our current laws do not go far enough to protect Americans from God’s chosen army of ammosexuals.

As he struggled with the complicated process of paying for his food, someone who is either too stupid to properly holster his weapon, too careless to worry about the safety of others, or both, encountered some difficulty with gun safety at the Hickman Drive location of Cracker Barrel in Sanford, Florida — specifically, that he completely lacked it.

The Palm Beach Post reports that as William Hoback was headed toward the register to pay for his dinner, his gun fell and fired a single shot into a kettle. Bullet fragments hit three people, including the “responsible gun owner’s” fiance and a restaurant manager. A third victim was cut so badly by the shrapnel that he had to be taken to Central Florida Regional Hospital for treatment. The customer says he was eating his breakfast when he heard a loud bang, had some lead added to his diet, and felt a sharp burning in his shin.

Hoback apologized to the man, and deputies agreed that “I’m sorry” cancels out placing lives at risk, so everyone is happy. Seminole County Sheriff’s spokeswoman Kristen Bentsen says that the injury was not life-threatening, and the gun was purchased and carried legally. She confirmed that no charges are expected to be filed against the shooter.

“This shooting doesn’t appear to be intentional and the conduct doesn’t appear to be so reckless that it would support the charge of criminal negligence,” legal analyst Bill Sheaffer said, though he noted that the victims could file a civil lawsuit.

Cracker Barrel didn’t respond when asked if the company allows guns though it probably should make an official statement now that one of the NRA’s chosen elite has harmed three people in one of its restaurants with his “responsibleness” — or, at minimum, consider taking all those guns off the wall.