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Retirement Task

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Alexei B.Miller
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Deko Neimoidia
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Retirement Task


Retirement Savings Plans Economy, Rights
Consumers are surprised that their retirement savings plans pay much less than expected.
Response options

"Retirement savings plans don't keep up with the rate of inflation, and they also include obscure extra charges hidden in the fine print!" concludes retiree Thomas Better, feeling swindled. "The government should protect the common man on the street from these corporate criminals and forbid their deceptive advertising. Also, force retirement insurance firms to compensate those who already paid thousands for these policies!"
"A whole industry is to be punished just because some people are incapable of basic mathematics?" queries Eva Nagel, analyst at the Moscow stock exchange. "The retirement policies are well within their legal contracts, it's the customers who ignore them. That's just the way the cookie crumbles: the less intelligent buy retirement policies, and the wise buy shares in insurance companies."
"Retirement insurance is a losing bet. No insurance company would dream of selling them if they didn't make more money than they cost." says Richy Rothman, who works part-time at a convenience store. "In a state that truly cared about its citizens, such an investment would be unnecessary anyway. So this kind of profiteering should be made illegal, and at the same time government pensions should be given a sizeable boost!"
"Like many other types of insurance, retirement insurance should be compulsory for all citizens!" demands Jerome Pound, a local insurance sales agent, while handing out flashy brochures to people. "Besides, the state is not prepared for the demographic changes we must expect as our nation gets older. So a certain amount should be deducted from everyone's income and invested in private retirement insurance."

I need Heeeeeelp Sad I wanna save my savings ratio! I just lost an entire percentage point due to me pressing wrong task option on speculations yesterday!

"Hitler wanted to destroy Russia, everyone needs to remember how that ended"

Vladimir Putin

18.06.2014 23:24
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RE: Retirement Task

If you want people to have confidence in private insurance, better pick the 1st option.
Since you're running the GDR template state, you will benefit from a lower savings ratio. Unfortunately, this template has a strong correlative effect between economic growth and rising unemployment. Balancing your trade is another issue that's very hard to resolve. The Protectionism reform is the quickest option.
19.06.2014 08:35
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