Well my position on welfare has always been summed up in Ars-Regendi's employment reform. Only those physically/mentally incapable of working do not work, and those who simply cannot work in the corporate world are given menial tasks working for the government under a calculated living cost formula per individual.

If you think about it, it's not too bad considering this means steadily increasing wages and a public (everything) system that would suddenly work much better with all the new helping hands. Organizing them could easily be done like it was under Roosevelt's war-time industrial work departments.

In the United States, it's a much closer election than before. MUCH closer than McCain could have ever gotten. I actually refuse to make my call on this election until exactly one month after Romney has picked his running mate.

The entire logical course for our country depends on how many morons suddenly start seeing more money flowing through their hands, disregard policy and the multiple proposed bills by the administration, because all morons hear is how the Obama administration has no ideas and is stuck.

In the Dominican Republic it's actually very similar to the U.S. The thing is the Dominican Republic is even MORE at subject to the conditions of the global economy, and while the current Liberal government has it's faults it did instate a major modernization program while in place. It's major issue and one that's near impossible to cut through is military rooted bureaucratic corruption that seeps into the seams of all bureaucratic institutions. Let's put it like this, I personally know a commanding general who on a regular basis orders materials worth 10's of millions of pesos even though his command MAYBE requires about 9 million, and he laughs at it because what he does is take the lion's share then split the rest with the military brass necessary to keep things quiet.