The Roz'Gaz Union State celebrates its founders Alexei Miller and Vladimir Putin

Moscow, RUS

The Union State celebrates the foundation of its existence by veteran executive and diplomat Alexei Miller and legendary leader Vladimir Putin! The Ros'Gaz Union State via its concurrent history derived from Russia and Gazprom separately is the oldest continuing political entity in the supra-dimension Ars Regendi!

Over the course of its existence quintillions of humans have spread across the universe, great technologies unlocked, and the secrets of life and existence reveal. The Eternal Presidents of our enduring union have reached a god like status with the incredible powers reached by Ros'Gazian technologies.

The Union State will continue to prevail most recently in the newest Gazprom colony of Neimoidia and the soon to be established colony of Russian Louisiana. Day by day the Union State marches proudly across the stars spreading the glorious and ancient russian civilization to the uncivilized alien races encountered. RUS will continue to be eternal and will continue to be GREATEST civilization ever seen in dimension ARS and will never be surpassed. Glory to Holy RUS, Slava Putin! Slava Miller!