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A scottish currency? 5 lessons from flawed pound sterling

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Lord Weasel
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RE: A scottish currency? 5 lessons from flawed pound sterling

Alexei B.Miller Wrote:
Why? Because nanny states exist

No, because it is utterly impossible for it to exist, regulation has to put in place to ensure that there is no forming of cartels between the banks.

Also I fail to see what is so good about not having any long term planning in an economy, leaving everything to some mythical force called the free market. A market which draws it's inspiration from quarterly balance sheet and cannot see past the next shareholders meeting.

26.08.2014 13:36
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Alexei B.Miller
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RE: A scottish currency? 5 lessons from flawed pound sterling

Nah, I disagree

"Hitler wanted to destroy Russia, everyone needs to remember how that ended"

Vladimir Putin

27.08.2014 02:37
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Ajay Alcos

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RE: A scottish currency? 5 lessons from flawed pound sterling

Alexei B.Miller Wrote:
Nah, I disagree

You may very well think that, but I couldn't possibly comment. As those other fellow contemporaries have already iterated; there is no such thing as a 'free market'. Markets are themselves a creation, an idea and a way of 'regulating' transactions between human beings. To put it more simply our human ancestors, long before they developed any notion of proper reasoning they resorted to theft or resources from one another to "satisfy demand"; to put it in an economic sense.

Eventually societies became more developed and as palaeolithic cave paintings in Spain (Gibraltar to be exact, can't remember) have entailed, have shown the earliest form of "bartering" to have been conducted between human beings. I shall describe it to you:
A group of Cro-magnon (our early modern homo sapien ancestors) females were left lightly guarded in their "camp" whilst nearly all the men were out hunting. A trio of Neanderthal men discovered them and overwhelmed the one man left guarding the women, catching them all unawares. The Neanderthals grabbed one of the fertile women and in exchange, I must quite amusedly say xD - left a large fur water-sack as a "payment".

You may wonder what any of this has to do with the "free market" but really what I'm trying to point out is that without notions of law and regulation, what you may call a "market" would be considered universally to be plain theft. Hence I must stress to you, that the idea of "the market" in itself stems from a compromise between theft (freedom) and justice (regulation) as an acceptable way of facilitating the exchange of goods and services so that we and our primitive ancestors could go about without resorting to bloodshed.

Oh. And in regard to the main article. The chances of reintroducing Scottish Sterling (or Pounds Scots however way you put it) again = None. The ruling referendum only states Scotland becoming independent of the UK, not England.

Darn I might as well make an article out of my last post.

27.08.2014 08:51
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