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  Thread: Project Costs And Duration
Post: RE: Project Costs And Duration

Not affecting employment is quite illogical. Someone has to work on these projects; they don't do themselves. Of course, it would depend on the type of project. For large infrastructure projects like...
JulijsCezars Questions 5 261 28.03.2021, 08:53
  Thread: Project Costs And Duration
Post: Project Costs And Duration

If I'm increasing project costs through budget adjustments, will it reduce the time it takes to complete or affect projects in any other way other than increasing project costs?
JulijsCezars Questions 5 261 25.03.2021, 08:57
  Thread: Incorrect budget PE summ
Post: RE: Incorrect budget PE summ

[quote=MrProper] Not a bug, but a feature: Some solutions in tasks create one-time expenses (or income). In case of an expense, this will than show itself in Public expenditure in the following quart...
JulijsCezars Bugs or mistakes 3 953 06.07.2018, 09:51
  Thread: Incorrect budget PE summ
Post: Incorrect budget PE summ

To make better decisions on budget, I'm writing it down in Excel sheet. To reduce writing I have formulas automatically calculating total incomes and total expenses. Usually, it matches to those in th...
JulijsCezars Bugs or mistakes 3 953 08.06.2018, 09:28
  Thread: Budget Questions
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[quote=Nasra Rayah] Hi, I'm fairly new to the game :) I was just wondering how the budget works, what it all means and what I should do to get the best outcome i.e. what percentages for everything...
JulijsCezars Questions 4 2,419 01.07.2017, 09:19
  Thread: Laicism?
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Thank you for widening my field of knowledge!
JulijsCezars Questions 2 893 30.06.2017, 16:08
  Thread: Unemployment, Excise Taxes and Money Supply
Post: RE: Unemployment, Excise Taxes and Money Supply

[quote=Mr Deeds] When you mentioned "to increase welfare and pension" [b]which sign do I need to use for the Money Supply category if I want to increase the amount of money supplied to the sectors[/b...
JulijsCezars Questions 5 2,338 30.06.2017, 13:49
  Thread: Secret files
Post: RE: Secret files

If you are close to elections, better do some tasks or reforms or budget adjustments that would boost your popularity significantly. But be cautious not to endanger budget balance, because reversing ...
JulijsCezars Questions 2 1,208 30.06.2017, 11:31
  Thread: Laicism?
Post: Laicism?

I don't know where this term comes from, but where we are talking about separation of state's affairs from church's affairs, "Secularism" is correct term here.
JulijsCezars Questions 2 893 29.06.2017, 10:23
  Thread: How to reduce my unemployment?
Post: RE: How to reduce my unemployment?

Some ideas, not tested yet so I don't know are they working. [list=1] [*]Projects. You need workers to carry out them. [*]Cut welfare, get those lazy parasities to go out and search for a job. [...
JulijsCezars Questions 2 1,104 28.06.2017, 10:49