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  Thread: Interest rates and Money Supply...Print your way into prosperity??
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[quote=Helsworth] You can go as fars as you like, depends how much your currency will depreciate, if it will depreciate. As for real life, the bad thing about having a low interest on overnight cred...
henrikk Real economics 11 4,360 18.12.2010, 08:42
  Thread: civil rights
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OMG that GINI index is soooo out of control!! A "good" GINI is 0.25, 0.28 is a bit high, 0.30 is max! Keep your welfare low, but don't let people starve![hr][quote=Arctos] @Devi the U.N. decla...
henrikk Nations and alliances 23 3,665 13.12.2010, 09:04
  Thread: My Views
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Direct democracy wouldn't work, the masses are too stupid!!! :D However, it is always good to consider the public opinion.
henrikk Real politics & history 47 6,607 10.12.2010, 06:32
  Thread: Interest rates and Money Supply...Print your way into prosperity??
Post: Interest rates and Money Supply...Print your way i...

I have noticed that, logically, increasing my country's money supply and decreasing the interest rates are good for the economy, as well as lowering taxes, of course. I'd like to know, where do you...
henrikk Real economics 11 4,360 05.12.2010, 08:04
  Thread: Experimental Politics
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Half of congress selected randomly?!? EXCUSE ME?? Imagine how that would work for a developing power! I believe that 50% of the population, at least, are too ignorant for that role... and not even m...
henrikk Real politics & history 53 8,282 02.12.2010, 20:39
  Thread: why?
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A society where everybody is equal and no-one is in charge is highly idealistic, and maybe desirable, but it is also against human nature. Maybe in a thousand years, when we are no longer greedy and s...
henrikk Real politics & history 14 2,657 02.12.2010, 06:01
  Thread: Raise Popularity Time :P
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It depends where you are with your state. I've got two general tips. 1) Be careful with tasks, never too extreme. 2) Have a "give and take budget"! High pensions are usually the reason for a high...
henrikk Real economics 7 1,770 02.12.2010, 02:37
  Thread: Right wing goverments
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It is a PLUS that you decide the government type this way, and not just ticking a box lol. Government types are classifications which result from your decisions. On the other hand, you should expla...
henrikk Tasks, reforms, other features 16 3,629 10.11.2009, 04:19
  Thread: fascism
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"Even family members of immigrants have to pay for the right to follow them." I have a 10% contingent of immigrants, so that measure was hugely unpopular, and thus regrettable.
henrikk Real politics & history 39 6,861 24.10.2009, 19:46