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  Thread: Weird Economic Collapse
Post: Weird Economic Collapse

My German template nation of Trifecta is experiencing economic upheaval. Public expenditure dramatically dropped to absurd levels, potential citizens die in miscarriage, and my Regent is loved like a ...
Evinco Bugs or mistakes 12 1,225 30.05.2020, 10:31
  Thread: One Last Task
Post: One Last Task

I've been playing for so long in my Germany template state of Neo Babylon to the point where there is only one task left, no new ones are popping out. This is normal right?
Evinco Tasks, reforms, other features 2 1,001 20.06.2019, 03:20
  Thread: Inactive State Reform?
Post: Inactive State Reform?

Today, I was able to do a reform on my old state. On the 48th quarter, I was deselected and now on the 49th quarter, I issued the Negative Income Tax reform. Easteria. Germany Template.
Evinco Bugs or mistakes 2 1,371 25.01.2017, 06:02
  Thread: This Nation of Mine.
Post: This Nation of Mine.

This is my third nation and I'm curious to what are your opinions and critiques about it. New Hanseatic. USA Template.
Evinco Nations and alliances 1 1,210 14.01.2017, 06:06
Exclamation Thread: Churchill was a genocidal maniac
Post: RE: Churchill was a genocidal maniac

Wow and I thought Churchill was just a staunch fellow. I didn't think he'd be a humongous jerk that left millions of people starving to death. Thank you for this.
Evinco Real politics & history 11 3,062 21.09.2016, 16:50