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  Thread: Quotes
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I don't remember
Coatl Questions 3 1,250 03.07.2009, 20:57
  Thread: Players wanted for New Political Nation Game. Please Join..
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Is it a game or just a forum, where's the game[/u]
Coatl Offtopic 1 2,095 02.07.2009, 23:08
  Thread: Introduction thread for newbies
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I'm a high school student from Los Angeles USA and I like political simulation games, I'm male like most people on the internet[hr][quote=tony khoury] Freemason allows its citizens to protest their g...
Coatl Offtopic 153 98,046 02.07.2009, 23:03
  Thread: Quotes
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What effect does each quote have on the creation of a nation, I didn't understand alot of them, and I don't think my nation really reflects my ideologies
Coatl Questions 3 1,250 02.07.2009, 22:01
  Thread: Number of Tasks?
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It seems that I can only do one task per day, do I have to come back every few hours
Coatl Questions 7 1,339 02.07.2009, 21:54