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  Thread: Isn't anything ever just fixed?
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All the people in power should think about all the basic social issues in whole of the world..There should be participative style of leadership not the autocratic.Democracy should be the final solutio...
watson Real politics & history 17 1,583 27.12.2012, 18:30
  Thread: Bankruptcy task
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Nationalization is not good and free market is good for high economy growth.All the top world economies support free market.As it is the matter of demand and supply.Economy is stimulated to get equili...
watson Tasks, reforms, other features 10 4,059 28.12.2012, 18:09
  Thread: Capital Account: gold cartel, silver and gold are manipulated by h-funds and CBs
Post: RE: Capital Account: gold cartel, silver and gold ...

This is good news for those who want to newly start there business.Know the market might be more stable to start new business with legal entity having all the intellectual copy rights.
watson Real economics 4 1,145 27.12.2012, 18:11
  Thread: 5 Famous Authors Who Became Infamous - Fuck H.P. Lovecraft!
Post: RE: 5 Famous Authors Who Became Infamous - Fuck H....

Yes such things are happening in today's world.Due to very fast communication tools like social media.With the advancement of technology us and downs are frequent.
watson Offtopic 3 2,981 28.12.2012, 18:03
  Thread: understanding economics
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All the economic world id under recession.Even the strongest economies of the world are facing worst situation.Its very difficult for major investors to get incorporated with a new registered organiza...
watson Real economics 2 1,094 27.12.2012, 18:24