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  Thread: Destroying Laize-Fair
Post: RE: Destroying Laize-Fair

I think government expenditures and other necessary red taps should be avoided in order to stabilize the economy in the financial crisis. But this has been our practice as the government divert its at...
Anthonie Real economics 13 4,033 29.03.2011, 05:56
  Thread: Savings-based Economy
Post: RE: Savings-based Economy

I think the saving based economy is best option in this high inflation period and saving will keep the inflation under control. The prices don't rise too high under saving based economy as the money v...
Anthonie Real economics 7 4,193 29.03.2011, 05:50
  Thread: Columbian-Template is Unfeasible.
Post: RE: Columbian-Template is Unfeasible.

I think the basic income issue should be resolved according the general labor members. There should be increase in the basic income to match it to the inflation. SO that people can purchase their dail...
Anthonie Real economics 9 1,532 29.03.2011, 05:43
  Thread: Conclusion of the FCIC (Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission)
Post: RE: Conclusion of the FCIC (Financial Crisis Inqui...

I have been reading this thread and wondering that an ordinary man have so many ideas about solving financial problems while our government officials and technocrats have no real approach to solve the...
Anthonie Real economics 6 2,086 29.03.2011, 05:39
  Thread: Stagnation
Post: RE: Stagnation

[quote=RichardAWilson] IMHO: [b]1. Reduce your income (acquisition-taxes) by the maximum allowable rate. If you’re able to make changes of around 1/5th in your budgets, this would allow for a redu...
Anthonie Real economics 4 1,488 07.03.2011, 15:31
  Thread: Best investment portfolio
Post: Best investment portfolio

The most profitable and reliable investing the current economic crisis is the real estate business.But you need to invest in large amount in order to really get the extra profits or abnormal profit. ...
Anthonie Real economics 7 1,670 07.03.2011, 15:28
  Thread: My Last Economic Thread
Post: RE: My Last Economic Thread

[quote=RichardAWilson] Rubbish. Coke shouldn’t be punished just because consumers drink Coca-Cola instead of the store-brands, just as Red-Bull shouldn’t be punished because consumers choose it over ...
Anthonie Real economics 14 3,233 07.03.2011, 15:26
  Thread: National Property? WHAT IS IT
Post: RE: National Property? WHAT IS IT

If this doesn't tell you that the economy has NOT turned a corner, has NOT spouted Green shoots, has NOT shown signs of recovery, has NOT started to show an improvement in consumer spending.
Anthonie Real economics 13 2,912 27.12.2010, 10:36
  Thread: Investing Offshore
Post: RE: Investing Offshore

Major advantage of offshore investment account is the amount of privacy involved. Privacy and secrecy of the amounts held in the offshore account is one of the key benefits of possessing an offshore a...
Anthonie Real economics 5 1,534 27.12.2010, 10:33
  Thread: Problem with inflation
Post: RE: Problem with inflation

Inflation has hit the entire world so badly that no country has not been spared.Specially the underdeveloped countries have their living dropped from the any standards of living.
Anthonie Real economics 6 1,682 27.12.2010, 10:28
  Thread: Corruption
Post: RE: Corruption

Corruption has become the part ans parcel to the pakistani politicians and economic heads in pakistan. all the major financial institute are corrupted by these bad sheep. They are not stopping until p...
Anthonie Real economics 2 1,055 27.12.2010, 10:21