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Secret Paper was signed ....

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Wieder im Rennen um Gerechtigkeit

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Secret Paper was signed ....

Principala is joining LDSS

The leaders of the free nations of Soul looking anxiety to the biggest alliance in this World.
This alliance have the same military power then all alliances together. This circumstance leads in a secret meeting between the Leaders of Principala and LDSS.

In this Meeting the Great “General Mangi” and “Wilhelm Lothar Yeesteberg” signed this Paper.

§1. All Members of Principala will join LDSS.

§2. There are no precondition for joining LDSS.

§2. If one Member of Principala will be attacked the Members of LDSS will protect them.

§3. If one Member of LDDS will be attacked the Members of Principala will protect him.

§4. All Members of LDDS/Principala are willing to reduce there budget deficit.

§5. All Ex Mebers of Principala will got the same benefits then the old Members of LDDS.

• Additional Statistics
• Military protection
• Tools to clean up there Budget

This contract will be valid as soon as it is signed.

First January 2006

President of Frisenland Precedent of Mangarzian
Wilhelm Lothar Yeesteberg General Mangi

Finanz Minister von Eternal Love und von LDSS
Verschuldetet Staaten gab es Gestern .... Heute gibt es Eternal Love und LDSS
Indebted states? this was jester day! Now there is Eternal Love and LDSS
29.08.2017 21:41
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General Mangi

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RE: Secret Paper was signed ....


29.08.2017 21:55
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General Mangi

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RE: Secret Paper was signed ....

I must say, the heart of the Volkerbund alliance is genuine and good, it is only the head that stinks. Do not get it twisted, the recent nuclear hostilities by the Volkerbund and Kourion are not supported by the masses of that alliance.

It is only the leaders Esser and Torgai who supported such provocative and destructive actions. Principala and LDSS call upon ANN to join our cause of ridding the world of these heinous characters.

I falsely negotiated with these men, while I bought time for my nation, and to cement these new bonds. In the end though these men were loyal to the biggest hypocrites of them all, the Kourion leadership.

Esser and Torgai support their lapdog after it was nicked by the same mechanisms it bit with before. Well for that shameful man they would burn the world, what a close relationship they have.

Unite not to defeat Volkerbund, unite to defeat Torgai and Esser, for they are the real tyrants!

29.08.2017 23:09
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Leon Gonzales

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RE: Secret Paper was signed ....

Nothing but propaganda.

Herbert Landers: Vorsitzender der Volkskommission / Generalsekretär des Pakts von Houston
Jefferson Hiden: Außenminister der Volksunion Texas
Cathrine Plinkton: Vorsitzende der Generalversammlung der AVA
Jenn Vortez: Verteidigungsministerin der Volksunion Texas

Prinzipiell gilt: Ich bin sehr offen für alles denkbare im RP. Auch zwischenstaatlich. Sprecht mich ruhig an.
30.08.2017 21:59
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General Mangi

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RE: Secret Paper was signed ....

Why would our side even need propaganda. It is quite clear that your alliance has started a nuclear world war. And you may even get away with it but no one in this world is going to forget about it and your day will come when you atone for your heinous acts.

30.08.2017 22:08
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