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Should Germany leave the Euro Zone?

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RE: Should Germany leave the Euro Zone?

I'll look into it, but you are completely ignoring several points, and I don't see how those theories would cover them: The source of matter, for one. Where does it come from, if not from inside the stars?

On plasma: 99,9% of the viewable matter in the universe consists of plasma, the important word is viewable. Plasma consists of ions and electrons.

Expansion of the Universe / red shift

13.12.2012 11:25
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RE: Should Germany leave the Euro Zone?

To quote Terry Pratchett, "In the beginning there was nothing, and it exploded."

Nobody is saying that the Sun did not create the solar system. Rolf A. F. Witzsche simply rejects entropy, and as such rejects the tenants of fusion - death after the fuel has been burnt - The guy identifies "holes" in the established theory, and tries to provide his own alternative by specifying from whom he obtained the alternative, such as Ralph Juergens. Nothing wrong with that. I know a few theoretical physicists who are adepts of explaining the universe via mechanical principles, and not through "forces magically created by mathematics." Need I remind you that string theory only works, because the math of it has arbitrarily created 10 to 12 dimensions to get itself to yield mathematical results. You don't believe in the fairy tale of monopoles do you? So why call Witzsche deluded? Especially since the guy's a writer and researcher, not a doctor. Wink

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13.12.2012 11:48
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RE: Should Germany leave the Euro Zone?

You actually got me, I began searching for this stuff in German (for easier understanding, since the content as such is complicated enough) and there are some interesting views and also imprecisions in the common theories.
Right now exploring the Doppler-effect / tired light theories, but I am still wondering how they'll explain the origin of mass. Will take some time to get a big picture.

I was probably too fast calling him deluded. What made me jump to that were the references of holding back mankind and imperial theories... seeing a conspiracy theory here is not necessary, as well as directly linking it to politics, there is enough scientific evidence to attack the common theories to get started with.
Should the Universe not expand but the redshift be produced by magnetic fields and diffusion of light, there would be no direct impact on how mankind has evolved right away, for example.

13.12.2012 12:42
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