Dear Regents from all over the universe,
dark times have reached our small and happy planet Paris.
Enemies from the inside have hatched an alliance of destruction and death with the darkest powers of war and slavery.
We, the last fighters for justice, the last stand for life, the resistance against destruction and sorrow, have nearly given up every hope, but not our spirit.

I send this last message out into every corner of the boundless ARiverse, hoping, that somebody who is able to help us receives this message.
If you can read this message, I ask you to join our world Paris and our fight. I ask you to join an universal alliance for Peace and Freedom. I ask you for your help so that we, he innocent, can survive.

Wherever you are, please come and join us. You are our last hope, you are our only chance.

My name is Titian and I am broadcasting from Paris. Wherever you are, please come. If you need any help we can give to you whatever you need, but first of all we need your help.
I don't know how much time we have got left, but be assured:
I and all the others are waiting for you and your support.