I just spent some time on one of my hobbies and when I did a bit of research into WMDs, mindcontrol and alternative uses of medical substances, I came accross Aum Shinrikyo

I have never heard of that group before - little titian was more interested in disney cartoons back when they have been all over the media. The main terrorist groups I have grown up with were Al-Qaida and the Taliban - Middle East religious extremists who love the romantic ideals of being united with fellow men fighting alone against the all-powerful evil. Men who love and adore the simplicity of a religous life, who keep masculine spirits high in their ideals and who have apparentely absolutely no sense of beard-care (i know that everybody has their own taste in fashion but seriously, just look at it. I bet eating Spaghetti becomes a nightmare with such a thing Glotz).

Ok, I also heard a bit of the IRA but they were perceived more like a bunch of football hooligans who got bored with just representing a club and then simply teamed up and supported Cub Ireland.

The wikipedia article gives a nice overview about Aum Shinrikyo.
I am sure that there are many youngsters like me who never heard of them, so here's an even shorter overview:

Aum Shrinrikyo emerged from a yoga class in the 1980s which got bored with stretching legs and practicing new ways of engaging in auto-erotic practices, so that they thought that it would be a nice change once in a while if they formed a religous cult and became a bit more hardcore.
Within a couple of years the group grew intensely around its visions of a new form of humanity created by science - there are quite a lot similarites to Team Galactic (Pokemon fans know what I'm talking about).
Whilst having some fun with common leisure-time activities like sect meetings, swallowing LSD at some occasions and running in the Japanese elections, they build up production facilities for chemical weapons of mass destruction (such as VX (to day Aum is the only organisation known to have ever actually used that agent) and seratin nerve gas), bought anthrax and ebola cultures from Zaire, invited some Russians to the party who brought a Mi-17 helicopter (nuclear bombs were apparentely sold out at the time), murdered some personae non gratae and stockpiled a few million in cash.

So far nothing unusual - apart from smoking and boozing in side streets just the sort of stuff you would expect some teenagers with too much time and too little parenting to do whilst skipping class.
We don't blame them for that; young people do stupid stuff when they get bored.

But stuff got a bit more serious once Aum decided to extend its reach into the affairs of the public transportation system by planting Seratin all over the place.
Several people died, a couple of hundred were harmed.

Those of you who are older will surely remember Aum Shinrikyo.
Can you share your memories with us? What do you remember? How was it possible, that high quality smart-mastermind terrorism reality was taken over by some long-bearded wannabe troublemakers?

PS: Maybe such terrorism can be built into AR with some tasks and random events?