1-) Exactly how much should Money Supply be more than GDP? The optimum ratio (so I've read elsewhere on the forum) is 1.1 Money Supply:1 GDP. Is that accurate? And what if Money Supply is super high compared to GDP?

2-) I'm not sure if a regular increase in 'Government Purchases' is a good or a bad sign for the economy. Does it mean the amount of money spent to take over private land/businesses etc and to make them public-owned?

3-) Is there a general rule about Exchange Rate? I can easily conclude that an excessively-devaluated (toilet paper notes) currency will only deal a fatal blow to the Economy. But what if it is too valuable?

4-) Saving Ratio.. Who's doing the saving? The government or the citizens/Investors etc? If it's the latter, then the higher the saving rate the lesser the consumption and the investment, right?

5-) Tariff revenue looks like a really negligible figure. (It's not even one percent of the amount I and my PMs steal from the treasury.) Increase it or decrease it?

6-) What is State Income?

7-) In my US template state, i've managed to change new indebtedness to positive, thanks to Pacifism and Privatised Healthcare.
Debt= -5046
New Indebtedness= 807
Is it gradually pay off all my national debt?

8-) I don't understand how Payment of Interest works. Is my positive indebtedness gonna help me with that?

9-) What is PE Payments? Why the hell am i paying whom?