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What can I do here?

After registering you can found two virtual states and lead them.

How do I found a state?

In case you don't lead a state yet, on dashboard a large red link is available: "Click here for a new state!". In any case there is a button "New state" below the greeting which is located to the right. Direct link to state foundation is .

Which template should I select?

As a beginner it's recommended to start with Germany, USA or Great Britain, since they are easiest to play.

What's the dashboard for?

There you can find important information, helpful links and options. It's the administration central for your account. When you log into the game again, you will find yourself at the dashboard.

How do I get coins?

At the right side there is a link "Premium" where you can buy coins with real money. Additionally coins can be earned by advertising the game to friends. Let your friend join via referrer link which can be found at the dashboard, below "Your status".

How many states can I found?

There are always two free state slots, additional ones can bought. If you lose a free state, you can replace it by a new one without costs.

How can I write in the forum?

Your account can be used in the forum also, so you can start writing instantly. At the top menu there is a black button to access the forum.

Can I use multiple accounts?

No, that's not permitted, since it would be possible to gain advantages this way. If you get caught with multiple accounts, you lose them all.

What are premium or VIP accounts?

These accounts grant more rights to the player, for instance to see all diagrams and to get rid of adverts. They can be bought with coins. New players get some premium rights during the first 14 days.

Is Ars Regendi really for free?

Yes, but as described above, you can buy additional states and rights. Additionally you support the simulation that way. To keep it realistic you can't buy direct ingame advantages.