Helsworth with his infinitely sexy has encouraged me to deviate from the usual course of economic planning and implementation that has fueled positive GDP growth in all the Gazprom templates for many years.

He and many other players have encouraged me to seek balance seek the well-being of my virtual citizens. This is a massive deviate of course from running the country like a massive corporation (because that's what they were) and actually running a state proper. Quite recently I would say I have been successful in that goal of seeking a balance but i'm not used to pulling and influencing certain economic levers and factors to achieve these goals.

I'm pondering different ways to influence the savings rate. According to Helsworth maintaining a trade deficit "leverages the domestic population" which can contribute to a neg savings rate.

But what are some ways to mitigate the effect of having a trade deficit effect the savings ratio?

My current strategy has been to increase interest rates to give savers incentive to save while I figured out how to gain a trade surplus. So far compared to observations in my previous states where I lowered interest rate to stimulate growth this strategy has actually blunted the the decline of the savings ratio which I believe is keeping capital inflows high and steady in Novorossiya.

I'm not sure if maintain a fairly valued currency contributes to the problem. But I have kept the ruble high in hopes that it would keep living cost down. But I can't help to rely on the time proven strategy of devaluation to support higher exports. However if we look at modern Germany with the previous strong Deutsche Mark and the still strong Euro we see German maintaining high exports despite its neighbors in trade deficit...

So this leads me to believe that Ars matrix leaves out some qualities that give states advantages over others. I been here 3 years and still don't have this all together!