1. Believes in current judiciary process in the United States, despite mobs.
2. Stringent law enforcement
3. Local government police force
4. Promotion of friendly cop-populace interaction
5. The people's power over government does not come through rioting, but voting.
6. Con gay marriage
7. Issues, such as gay marriage, should be handled by state government and through voter referendum.
8. Most, if not all, issues should be handled by the states.
9. The second amendment(right to bear arms) should be literal, everyone should have, unabridged, the right to bear arms.(no restrictions, at all.)
10. High military spending and the United States should consistently keep a strong defense. (Presence abroad)
11. Isis is an enormous threat(and other terrorist groups)
12. We must crush Terrorist organizations as quickly as we can.
13. We must declare war on ISIS
14. We must proceed with conflict in a total war-like fashion and ignore the ramifications.
15. More autonomy for military
16. The Liberals will scream 'bloody murder' if we abolish the rules of the Geneva Convention; we should ignore this.
17. We should offer free gun-safety courses
18. Political leaders should be openly scrutinized
19. Those who do not agree with him are 'useful idiots' to the 'tyrannical' governments.(he is probably referring to political enemies)
20. The government should not be allowed to spy on ANYONE until they obtain the appropriate documentation(approval) from a judge.