The embodiment of Washington ignorance can be simply represented by their stances on taxation. Taxation, as many know, is the primary source of income for non-radical countries and states, and to that end it is a topic of high altercations. For one, many have proposed radically increasing taxation over a short period of time to try and make up the deficit. Their heart( and math), as always, is usually in the right place in such a proposal; however, the math is usually off by quite a bit. You see, people do not work that way. The more radical the increase in taxation, the more radical the people will become in a economic sense. Hypothetically, if you suddenly raise the higher bracket income for people making 300K+(Usually people who own a 6 million+ business), you will see a mass exodus of workers from that particular business. That is because these people often employ people just to support them; they over employ because they 'feel bad.' But, if their standard of living or way of life is threatened they will not hesitate in bring down the hammer, so to speak. In this perspective, despite the huge tax increases, you may see an actual _decrease_ in state income, despite the tax increases. Increasing state spending can sometimes cancel this out; however, that is often short lived, and the effects will be felt decades later. On the other hand, if you decrease taxation you may see a net gain in income for the state, and this is because the vise versa of the above will happen. Instead of a mass exodus, there will be a mass hiring, and this is because that business will have a large amount of unused revenue(please note I am only talking about rather small businesses). This, obviously, leads to humongous amount of economic growth, and in a few years you will be able to make up the losses while making the lives of your people a much higher quality(they have more money). This will also lower expenditures to some extent, as less people will be on welfare, there will be less crime, and there will be less need for subsides. Overall, my point being, it is much more lucrative in the end to lower taxes for everyone, and to bring on a flat tax rate, than to radically raise the tax rate to 'forcibly' make everyone of equal income. Trickle down economics works, but it only works when you support small business and help them increase the quality and quantity of their lucrative trade.