This question is about the nation Maghreeb.

Okay, so I've got pretty good marks on safety, education and culture, quality of life, and rights and chances. I've even managed to earn more than what I spend, largely thanks to my export driven economic growth that could be largely attributed to my monetarist policy of expanding the money supply by 3%-5% per year, although I did lower the interest rate during the initial years of my nation, but rarely after that.

I've also put a heavy emphasis on PE Health, Family, and Education. Unemployment levels were negligible, at 0.28%, and I suspect this unemployment were mostly frictional unemployment. I've also strongly encouraged increases on the birth rate, and have a fairly open immigration policy. Yet, during these past few quarters, I've seen my migration rate increased and my saving ratio dropped to -0.002%.

Now, that may look slight, but I suspect that this also mean that my current consumer spending is not primarily driven by income, but by credit. I begin to fear a bubble in my economy somewhere in the future. Is this a problem? If it is a problem, how do I fix it?