Hey guys, I'm loving the game so far, though I'm pretty disappointed that I have no graphs available after the first few days. That was quite the immersion killer for me. Many of those who focus more on the graphs and comparisons to the past might turn away from the game at that point. I would suggest making the graphs free, or at least give us an ability to compare with our previous quarters easily, and coming up with some other pay options. Anyways, I digress - on to the questions.

1. Simply put, how am I doing? I'm more interested in my US template, since it's a few days older. Is there any pressing concern that I'm missing, or anything I should be doing that I'm not?

2. Exactly what do the task groupings mean? I understand that rights means rights, but what about economy, administration, etc? They're very generalized.

3. I notice a special action for reform propaganda, but the reforms I've passed, I've passed without much (apparent) opposition. How do I tell if a reform will be opposed?

4. I got a task to establish a monarchy in my Germany template - is this only for this template, or is it possible to get on a US template? It's pretty cool.