Two suggestions:

1. Merge Basic Income and Enhanced Basic Income reforms and give the regent the option to choose the initial amount of basic income per month paid to a grown-up national (someone who receives the 100% BI-rate). That means: when the reform is enacted show a field where the regent must type in the amount of basic income wanted.

2. Under Details/Budget/Basic income show the amount paid to a grown-up national (the 100%-BI pcm), not an average that includes 50%-BI to children and 0%-BI to immigrants. The 100%-BI pcm is the information the regent needs. The average should already be reflected in PE basic income (PE basic income/population/12 months).

One question:

Any progress in fixing the Basic income reform (non-sensical state development -- net income, currency value, trade balance, happiness, etc. -- after implementation), yet?