Dawn of a New Era: Rise of The Commonwealth

Leaders of the TranshumanUnion, Aedernon Empire, and Hannover Treaty Organization declare the formation of The Commonwealth

"Peace, Stability, Fraternity"

(The Commonwealth Heads of States)

Moscow, Russia

On October 27th, 2013 the leaders of the HTO, TransHumanUnion, and Aedernon Empire declared the formation of The Commonwealth. The supranational mega-alliance was created and declared to service the needs of its billions of citizens to ensure their security, prosperity, and pursuit of happiness. Due to the ongoing lack of a central international authority to ensure world peace and the continued progress of mankind; The Commonwealth was established to fill this growing void in the world.

The Commonwealth is more than just a military super-alliance, the organization also coordinates common diplomatic and economic policy. The organization spanning 23 defined countries of the world as imbued itself with global jurisdiction in order in order to uphold all that is right in the world. The Commonwealth IS an inclusive organization and invites all nations and alliances to join its ranks and have a voice in decision making. However not just any organization or nation may join the cause of the commonwealth. Prospective governments must exhibit certain qualities and must legally declare their intention to cause no harm to there Commonwealth allies; and to genuinely work towards the establishment of world peace supporting the common policies agreed upon by the Commonwealth Executive of Nations. The Articles of Commonwealth of defined as described below.

Articles of Commonwealth

Security Policy Coordination

Member states of The Commonwealth shall have the eternal burden of collectivization of military assets for the common maintenance of organizational and global security forces. Members of The Commonwealth declare and certify that their common military obligations to this organization take precedence over any previously established or future arranged military agreement with a third party. Members understand and certify that regular forces of national army's at times may come under activation by central authorities and must be made available for use within 2 quarters.

External Policy Coordination

Member states of The Commonwealth shall have the obligation to support the collectivization of diplomatic means. Members will only be obliged to support limited External Policy proposals such as World Leader elections, and the Diplomatic support of collective Commonwealth judgement against nations or alliances. Members should be encourage to refrain from negatively rating another members and utilizing internal arbitration structures to settle differences.

Economic Policy Coordination

Member alliances and states are encouraged to lend financial support to each other

Common Membership Policy

Members states of The Commonwealth are obliged to recognize and automatically extended all benefits of alliancehood with every other member. In this regard membership in one alliance of the Commonwealth will automatically be considered membership in any Commonwealth linked alliance. Independent states who join the Commonwealth automatically become members of all Commonwealth linked alliances and enjoy the full rights and benefits of membership in those organizations. Henceforth membership in alliances are considered secondary to membership in The Commonwealth.

Signed by the Founding Leaders of The Commonwealth

Vladimir Putin, Chairman of the Government of the HTO

King Adalf II, Emperor of the Aedernon Empire

Sima Zhao, Vize of the TransHumanUnion