A Framework for the Future

Press Secretary Joan Harmonus:
Ladies and Gentlemen, President Malachi Benito called this conference to discuss the recent events in Handstedt. Before I introduce the President, please be courteous, respectful and hold all motions and questions until the speech has been completed...

Ladies and Gentlemen, Malachi Benito, President of Infinitus, Leader of Industrialis and descendant of Benitus, the Patriarch of the House of Benitus!

President Malachi Benito:

Friends, colleagues, Amabassadors of Ryssland and The Confederacy, representative of the alliances of Ragnarok, Noritrea and Handelsföderation. I have asked you all here today because war is raging in the Middle East.

Hundreds of thousand perish in hot sands and crowded cities, while mothers weep, while sisters and daughters ponder where their brothers and fathers have gone.

Rogue regimes like Handstedt are a cancer, their virus spreads outside their cities and force great states like Ryssland to fight that cancer when it affects their citizenry. For that, we can not blame Ryssland.

At the same time, we can not blame states like the Confederacy and the alliance of Handelsföderation, who rush to stop a war from spreading even further. Hear me now, there are no villains in this conflict, only those trying to do the best for the world and their own people.

The only adversary to peace in Riga is disunity and an absence of a framework which handles matters like we've seen in Handstedt.

I, President Malachi Benito, do not have all the answers, I do have a few though. I know that collectively, we can solve the issues before us, and ensure a long lasting peace in Riga.

I formally ask the Leaders of the Confederacy and Ryssland to join me in Infinitus to draw up a framework which sets in place protocols for handling events like this. I ask the great alliances of Riga to join and forge a document which will become the foundation for a long lasting peace.

But first, I ask that all parties in this conflict withdraw their troops and enact an armistice or ceasefire.

The invitation has been extended, I hope that the Ambassadors and representatives in the audience, representing both of these great nations, and all these great alliances, will rise and accept the invitation before them.