I have heard that it is possible to have a state described in-game as communist or anarchist. Are either of these in-game descriptions possible to achieve, and if so how does one achieve them?

I have have created a new state (The Socialist Republic of France) that the game describes at the time of writing as a progressive socialistic party-democracy, and I would like to develop this state into either a communist or anarcho-communist state (Yes, I know that "anarcho-communist state" is IRL a self-contradictory term, but I mean according to in-game metrics). My strategy for achieving this is to nationalize private industry, strengthen unions, reduce labor time, increase the minimum wage, and expand the democratic powers of citizens (e.g. through the eDemocracy and Citizens' Initiative tasks). I also intend to adopt the following reforms: 1) Planned Economy, 2) Egalitarian Transhumanism, 3) Pacifism, 4) Employment Reform, 5) Money Reform I, 6) Universal Health Care, 7) Pension Reform, and 8) Laicism. I am also considering adopting Administration Reform, but I am concerned that it will undermine my goal of achieving anarchism by increasing state power. I also suspect that achieving anarchism will require decriminalizing drugs, reducing the age of consent, establishing an autonomous exclave, and adopting other policies that reduce the power of the state in largely non-economic matters.

Does this seem like a good plan? Should I adopt Administration Reform? Is my goal even achievable in-game? And if so does anyone have any additional suggestions for how I should proceed?