[off-RP] I've been missing this since the world started, so I decided to copy it from Stockholm. Thanks to our dear @adder for that template!

adder Wrote:
This is the place to write an introduction to your state, to present facts and misinformation. Not a place for press releases or something like that. Please use liberally, but with caution. And leave me a PM after your reply, so that I can link it in this first post. I'll post a template in the second post, but you are not limited to that.

adder Wrote:
Exempli Gratia / Template
[off rp] This template can be used to create similar looking entries in the fact book. You can of course adapt it to your needs or refuse to use it. I recommend using it, though, as this helps with keeping the suspense of disbelief. [rp]

How to use the template:
Text in [Brackets] is to be replaced with your information
Do not remove the tags, though, as this will format your text accordingly.

[Header: Name of State]

Political Information

Political System: [f.e. Republic, Soviet Republic, Parlamentary democracy, Autocracy, Dictatorship, benign paternal Autocracy]

Head of State: [Name your highest individual and their rank]

Head of Government: [Name your government leader, if any]

Highest Court of Justice: [Name and possibly value in the system]

State of Parliament: [2 chamber system, etc. pp, Not applicable, forbidden]

Current government party: [describe the current government party]

other important political parties or movements: [name and describe the politically important movements or parties]

Human Rights: [describe the Human Rights situation here]

Individual Rights: [describe the official state policy on the individual. Do you have big individual rights? Or does collectivism rule]

Other political information: [free text, if you want to describe something in more detail or have different things that are important

Societal Information

Prevalent Culture: [describe the majority culture of your nation]

Minority Cultures: [describe minority cultures, with a lesser grade of detail]

Prevalent Religion: [describe the majority religion, if any]

Minority Religions: [describe the minority religions, if any, with a lesser grade of detail, and add information on its legal status, if relevant: f.e.: Church of Mithras, forbidden]

Important cultural innovations: [describe one or two things that are very important for the world or your country. F.e.: Sixtinian Chapel: Michelangelo designed and painted the murals in this chapel, making it one of the most revered and possibly the most influential mural paintings in Roma]

Acceptance of Individualism: [here's the place for you to show that your country's population is truly tolerant, or are scumbags of intolerance against the expressions of other individuals. This is for private reaction, not for official state policy]

Economic Information

Important industry sectors: [Name up to three most important sectors. Use the trade commodities of your country for reference]

Most important companies: [Name very few important companies in those or other sectors]

Resources: [Name the most important resources your country does have, f.e.: Copper, Teak wood, Silk]

other important economic information: [The place to describe other things, including political impact on economy, f.e.: planned economy.]

Military Information

Name of the armed forces: [name your armed forces, including branches]

Size of the [army branch/land based military]: ca. [men, tanks, artillery, as you choose]

Size of the [naval branch/sea based military, if any]: ca. [ships, men, naval aircraft, tamed whales, Godzilla]

Size of the [air branch, if any]: ca. [aircraft, big eagles, dragons, banshees]

State of nuclear weaponry: [Intercontinental, short range, none]