I think GDR makes a good start:
The GNI coefficient is 0.15, the GNP per capita is around 20,000$ and the unemployment is at around 1%; a socialist economy, like it!

However, the budget needs to be balanced, but how?
a) cut down the huge subsidies to free the market?
PE subsidies 68.53 Bil. € ,
in comparison with PE education 8.84 Bil. €
b) encourage business activity by lowering these:
Taxes on capital [?] 6.00 %
Acquisition taxes [?] 15.00 %
c) or finally cut down on;
Pensions 489.87 € pcm
and invest on environment to compensate for the unhappyness?

So, what is your take?
I think C must be cut down anyway, but what would encourage a freer market more; cutting down on the subsidies (unprofitable state companies, I guess) or simply lowering the taxes to irresistable levels?