Rising Phoenix Wrote:

Titian Wrote:

Helsworth Wrote:
Wow that's a big number Sheep Wink I've got 421,766 though Big Grin

If I'd still had my old account I'd beat you by far
Back in the days I didn't just produced hot air but TONS of nonsense Hehe

haha, I do not really believe that.

Titian... speaking... Nonsense? What do you were, Proto-Triniteras? Hehe

Actually I wrote a lot of stuff which had the potential to offend people in one way or another. There was some sort of competition between a guy called Spartakus in the forum and me for the title of the official forum troll.
However, in the official forum vote both of us received an equal number of votes so that we had to share this "honorable" position.
Maybe that's why I am feeling a little bit sorry for Triniteras...