ist am 4th of July nicht immer mal wieder irgendwie eine Militärparade?

"1777: On the first anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, with the Revolutionary War underway, future president John Adams describes a day and night of spontaneous celebration in Philadelphia in a letter to his wife, Abigail. After hours of parading troops, fireworks, bonfires and music, he tells her he strolled alone in the dark."

"1798: Now president, John Adams reviews a military parade in Philadelphia as the young nation flexes its muscle."

"1848: James Polk witnesses the laying of the cornerstone of the Washington Monument with Abraham Lincoln, then an Illinois congressman, attending. A military parade follows."

"2010: Barack Obama brings 1,200 servicemembers to the South Lawn for a barbecue. The father of a July 4 baby, Malia, he would joke that she always thought the capital fireworks were for her."