(Vitaly Churkin, Altai Executive Councillor)

The Altai Federal Republic announces Vitaly Churkin as its representative in the Executive Council. Mr. Churkin is the former Altai Ambassador to Illusien, before then he served as Deputy Foreign Minister for the Americas and Caribbean. Mr. Churkin before joining the Foreign Ministry was the head of the Phlorida state department of economic relations focusing on boosting the state's international trade, he successfully lobbied state lawmakers into approving financing for a 1.3 billion yei upgrade of the Port of Niami. Some more prominent achievements of Mr. Churkin was overseeing the drafting of the Illusien - Altai Free Trade Agreement, and Mr. Chrukin personally advocated for the return of South Altai back into the union and led initial attempts to negotiate the federalization treaty with the federal states comprising South Altai and the central government.

The Altai Republic is proud to have such an experienced and distinguished diplomat representing over 150 million Altai citizens in this powerful international body. To ensure the coordinated, consistent, and cohesive implementation of Altai state policy in regards to Alliance of Peoples Mr. Churkin will also oversee the activities of the Altai Delegation to the People's Assembly.