Application on the Extension of Territorial and Political Jurisdiction

The Altai Federal Republic formally request approval of its request to annex CS - 36. The Altai Republic believes this region to be critical to our state development road map and seek to take immediate control over this region before the next legislative period.

The Altai Republic retains a positive record of good governance and credible results in terms of national development. The region currently retains a substantial budget surplus, adequate reserves and its continued development will thus impose no burden on the federal budget of the Altai Republic. Rather, the federal government will support increased development of the regional economy via increased federal transfer as we take a calculated reduction in regional revenues to trigger indirect economic stimulus.

Further, as in South and East Altai the residents of the potentially new federal district will become fully fledged Altai citizens and will enjoy a full federalized relationship with the rest of the republic.

The Altai Republic request urgent attention be given to this petition so that our government may take immediate action.

Signed and Authorized by,
Vitaly Churkin
Altai Executive Councillor