(Vitaly Churkin, Altai Executive Councillor)

Altai Federal Republic request emergency authorization to annex CS-11

The government of the failing state has seen its popularity rating crash below 50% and there are signs of an imminent collapse. Altai request the emergency approval by the World Leader for a provisional intervention. If the international community votes down the authorization, the Altai Federal Government will transfer control over the region to the Office of the World Leader until the International Parliament decides the faith of the territory.

However, we do insist that we have the resources and skill to ensure this territory remains viable. As always the Altai Republic is a neutral nation, and if this territory is accepted as Altai we declare it will remain free of atomic weapons. The Altai Republic reminds nations who potentially oppose a Provisional World Leader authorization that an attack on the neutral armed forces of the Altai Republic constitutes a direct attack on security guaranteurs as well. We must act quickly to ensure the territorial integrity of the world's remaining functioning governments.