Fellow Councillors:

The Organization of Raw Material Exporting Countries (ORMEC) rises on behalf of our member-nation Khazaddum, which respectfully requests that this body authorize the Khazaddumian military to intervene in the failing state of DDR.

For many years, the peaceful people of DDR have tolerated Mr. Braunbaer's derelict regime, but it seems that they have had enough. According to international pollsters, the citizenry of DDR is "rather nerved" with the circumstances, especially Braunbaer's suspicious inaction after the attack on the DDR Parliament.

Therefore, ORMEC, on behalf of Khazaddum, requests that the Khazaddumian military be authorized to intervene in DDR if (1) the citizenry are "nerved" or angrier and (2) Mr. Braunbaer remains inactive at that time.

ORMEC thanks you all very much for your consideration and respectfully yields the floor.