The Altai Federal Republic rises in support of Khazzadum's motion to annex DDR. It is our perspective that the near failing states of the world should be given a chance to prosper. Although the Altai Republic has concerns about some of the ethical state policies of the ORMEC and some of its more prominent member states; we overall have determined that the benefits outweigh the cost in this scenario.

However with that being said, the Altai Oil and Gas Group retains a huge commercial interest in the region. The company has been responsible for the regions increasing oil production and demands the Executive Council and ORMEC ensures that AOG retains its extraction rights and natural gas export monopoly under the 30-year agreement already signed by the incumbent government. We have instructed our delegates in the permanent assembly members to issue "Nay" votes in the event this condition is not met.

Vitaly Churkin, Altai Executive Councillor