Fellow Councillors:

The Organization of Raw Material Exporting Countries (ORMEC) rises to report on recent events in Arnheim.

First and foremost, ORMEC appreciates and thanks the Republic of Altai for its flexibility with respect to DDR. Unfortunately, our strategists determined that the situation in DDR had deteriorated past the point of no return, so we aborted the military mobilization at the last moment.

Second, ORMEC regrets to report that, like the government in DDR, the government of former member-nation Algeria fell to anarchists. Neighboring ORMEC member-nation Libya is accepting refugees and doubling border patrol and immigration officers as well as local security forces along the former Libyan-Algerian border.

Finally, ORMEC offers our prayers for the people of Foederation and South Altai as they face the crises confronting their countries.

ORMEC respectfully yields the floor.