The Altai Federal Republic notes that the newly established autonomous government in the South Altai region has gone derelict after it's very recent establishment. The region stilled claimed by Gorno-Altaysk still contains citizens that we practically consider to be citizens of Altai as well.

Unfortunately, the tight finances of the heavily indebted region will cause the government to go under without a brisk intervention by Gorno-Altaysk. While we consider this region be apart of the greater federal republic; the autonomous nature of this special region has granted it an international personality and as such we are formally requesting an emergency authorization to deploy our troops.

We must note that as we still control the Vanama Canal as well as other major sites in the region our armed forces can make quick work of the rebellious elements of the collapsing government and we can soon reestablish control. We've issued legal guarantees to our partners in ORMEC which will guarantee the continued trading relationship with the autonomous region. We do further point out at the upcoming Summit in Bern will also yield additional economic benefits for ORMEC.

Lastly, due to the urgency of the matter. Altai request that emergency authorization be granted before we instruct the MoD to deploy forces for the humanitarian intervention. This is not considered an expansion of Altai territory....but merely re-establishment of our official state borders in the region. We hope the international community will look at East Altai and trust in our ability to rehabilitate this region. Further Gorno-Altaysk remains the best candidate to bear the fiscal burden of supporting this region with our massive surplus being prepared to be deployed to the region to support it's budget and upcoming economic development agenda.

As expected Nito Cortizo will reassume his duties as Governor of the South Altai Federal District. However, the South Altai Federal Territories will remain as is and placed under the control of Corotizo's deputy which will ensure uniform reintegration of the regions economies.

The federal government hopes to aggressively redevelopment the regions economy following s model similar to East Altai's.