(Vitaly Churkin, Atlantic Pact Executive Councillor)

Altai to retain neutral status amid aggressive rearmaments program

Gorno Altaysk World Executive Council Secretariat

The Atlantic Pact gives formal notice that member state 'Altai Federal Republic' has passed the 'National Rearmaments Bill' in light of the failure of the Far Eastern nation now military superpower Ferol has failed to issue a clarification on the use of its suddenly massive armed forces. While Altai intelligence has issued no definitive reason that the Ferol Armed Forces would threaten the neutral Atlantic Pact of Altai Republic; the famously silent nations massive militarization cannot be taken lightly.

Therefore as a great precaution and at great cost, the Altai National Parliament has approved the a bill that would guarantee the total defense of the nation and her interest. Further, the Atlantic Pact considers the state of Dakien to be within its absolute sphere of influence and vows to protect this territory from any and all aggression. Further, the Atlantic Pact reserves the right to exclusively involve itself in this region as a matter of state security.

The new beefed up Altai Armed Forces, will only be used in accordance of already published state policy regarding self-defense and humanitarian interventions abroad in the regions of the former Altai Empire. With this being said, the Atlantic Pact is committed to neutrality and will not be focused on international adventurism. The Altai Republic will be working aggressively to restore its precious budget surplus after this rearmament wipes it out and plunges it into deficit. Therefore expensive foreign entangles directly contravene the Finance Ministry new mandate of returning the nation's finances to surplus status asap. National Reserves will not be depleted as tax rates will be gradually increased over a 3 year period to return the budget surplus to the statutory amount of at least 250bn yei annually.

The Altai Republic grants further assurances of its ultimate financial strength by maintaining that it will still approve the 2T in bailout funds to ally Arborea if it meets our requirements. Further the Altai Republic and the Atlantic Pact are prepared to mobilize 1.5T yei towards boosting the global economy. The Altai Republic retains the strategic objective of becoming the world's top 5 major economies, and will now assume the status as the world's largest military. The world can rest knowing that the neutral arbiter will ensure the territorial integrity of your nations as you have protected the Altai Republic for decades.

Illusien is consider the Altai Republics top non-alliance ally. With our northern ally decommissioning its nuclear forces its ever more important to remind any curious party that attempts to undermine the territorial or political integrity of our northern ally that they will be forced to consider the combined military might of the Atlantic Pact and Federal Union forces which collectively form the world's largest (unofficial) military bloc.